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Comment 9 hours ago

If we're going to beat this by the fall, it sure as shit won't be because Debo did his part:

Comment 06 Mar 2020

People change. It's not about giving them a second chance in the sense that these same two assholes should be unleashed back upon society. It's an acknowledgement that many felons mature, and come to deeply regret their heinous actions. The vast majority of violent crimes are committed by people under the age of 25. As you age your desire to be that sort of despicable shithead generally lessens. So yeah, if they can ever demonstrate remorse and contrition and the ability to self-regulate, you let them go and focus society's efforts on other people who can potentially be redeemed.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

I've met William White and his wife! They're both wonderful.

I'd just finished up a tennis lesson at the Continent and was sitting in the bleachers when the next dude getting his lesson caught my eye. His form was terrible but the way he moved made it clear that he was someone important. I turned to his wife and asked who he was and she said it was William White; he plays safety for the Vikings.

After his lesson he came over and asked if I'd like to play a set. Of course I said yes. I won by something like 6-2 but it took HOURS—everything I hit, no matter how hard I hit it or where I placed it, he glided to it with total ease and batted it back. If he could've served the ball at all he probably would've beaten me.

So I'm walking off the court and feeling pretty proud of myself. He started playing with another kid and I resumed talking to his wife, who at this point I was developing a serious crush on. (I was a horny kid in high school and she was quite beautiful.) She casually mentioned that the lesson he was taking was the first time he'd ever picked up a racquet in his life! So he'd been playing tennis for an hour and I'd been training for it since I was eight and he was already a third as good as me. If we'd played two days later he would've blown me out.

Comment 22 Nov 2019

I feel like that's my argument as well? Look, I want OSU to win 66-0 tomorrow but I don't think an article about football should be "teasing" our opponent over child rape. Showing respect for rape victims includes not trivializing them like this article does. Fuck Strauss, fuck Nasser, fuck Sandusky, and fuck finding any of it funny.

Comment 22 Nov 2019

We should never have been making fun of Penn State for the Sandusky atrocities, even if far too many of their fans defended Paterno. Now that the Strauss thing came out, laughing at PSU for Sandusky in an article that's supposed to be humorous is just stupid. I'm disappointed and confused that that item made it into this article, especially since the mods have clearly (and correctly) gotten marching orders to shut down all the "Ped State" taunting. Do better.

Comment 29 Oct 2019

This is always the dumbest argument, no matter the topic. "But if we do a good thing, what's to stop us from doing an exaggerated version of that thing that's bad??" Like, as a society we able to decide that we should punish people heavily for murder without extending those punishments to people for frowning.