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Comment 18 Jul 2017

Nick Bosa was already incredible despite being a freshman coming off an ACL tear, so "all" was definitely an oversight. Jerome Baker might qualify as a breakout star as well (he's no Darron Lee just yet). The rest of the players that you listed are goodish to very good IMO, but I wouldn't call any of them stars just yet. But that all might be semantics; we both have total faith that our defense will be phenomenal this year.

But the offense ... against elite defense, it was pretty inept. It was inept against Michigan State, even! The Clemson loss brought me back to the 35-3 drubbing from USC back in 2008, when the true contenders were playing a whole different caliber of football. With how recruiting goes, only a few teams have the talent to win a championship, so IMO being middle of the pack is MILES from being elite. I think that in this era you can be the tenth-best team in the country and not be able to beat the best more than once out of ten times.

Just sayin', and thanks for your thoughts.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

10-2? We lost the most talent in CFB history after the 2015 season, and then almost everyone who broke out last year went straight to the NFL. I figure we'll have a world-class defense despite that but I've lost a lot of faith in the WR corps, have concerns about the OL, and am at this point convinced that JT doesn't have the physical talent to stretch elite defenses. Weber might be the strength of our offense and he's no Hyde or EZE. None of my fears about the offense are unique, but a lot of people seem to be counting Kevin Wilson to just sweep all of these concerns away.

That said, going 12-0 seems a lot more likely than finishing 8-4, so 10-2 feels a touch pessimistic. It's hard for me not to feel pessimistic almost every year because most every season ends with your very best players departing.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Based solely on those photos:

Ohio State



Penn State

Michigan (would be second w/o those helmet stickers)



Michigan State