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Comment 22 Sep 2011

Great work again Ramzy.  I always appreciate more ammo when disputing "facts" from ESPN thrown at me from my SEC alum coworkers.

Comment 31 Mar 2011

I agree with the commentors above that the local guys do a really good job.  I live in central Florida and my Gator alum coworkers are always spouting off incorrect info about OSU like the other day when I was told Tessell's job depends on beating UM this year.  Ken Gordon and the like always provide good, reliable information that I use regularly to correct all the misinformation I hear from the local SEC masses.

I think ESPN has gotten to the point where everything is sensationalized to the maximum degree the same way the cable news channels have gone recently.  All the talking heads make it seem like this is the end of the world for Tressell and OSU.  Unless the NCAA docks the school scholarships or bans it from the postseason, this whole scandal should is not that serious, in fact, it could help recruiting.  If you were a top high school recruit, how would you feel about playing at a school where the coach won't rat you out to the NCAA if you commit a violation, receive money handshakes from boosters, and sexual favors from girls?  My 18 year old self would definitely be onboard.

ps: What's up with the podcasts?  They are perfect for my commute.

Comment 26 Mar 2011

Monday may be my last day at work after punching my Gator coworkers during their first S-E-C chant.  I don't think I can take another round of it.