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Comment 16 hours ago

Had pretty much the exact same experience. And hey their Eat SH#T F@#K you chant was really something to behold. Wisconsin must plant some decent fans around to try to off set the masses. They were all talking big time at the half....

Comment 24 Nov 2019

We stopped by both sets briefly. Both were packed and I’d say slightly more by ESPN but over by St John you just have a lot of foot traffic.  Game day planned to move inside all along

Comment 13 Nov 2019

I started at OSU in the fall of 89.  Pretty much how I remember it back then. Although All In One didn’t seem to be there yet - order Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut all at the same time  GLORIOUS

 Thanks for sharing

Comment 09 Nov 2019

You may not agree with the rules but they are the rules.  Chase knew this and was wrong to accept the money even for this reason. Whether it was a ‘loan’ or not isn’t really relevant.  I hope Chase is reinstated but to say this is nothing is untrue

Comment 27 Oct 2019

MSU started losing out on the next tier of Ohio high school talent a couple years ago. It has set them way way back. Kentucky started getting those kids and actually rose quite a bit. Stoops combined with His asst Farrow did a good job moving in on those kids.  Luke could get them back and if he went with a better offensive style he could be better than Dantonio but Luke seems conservative on offense as well 

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Chase is so impressive in that not only is he getting sacks but with how he is playing the run.  Getting in on tackles outside of explosive DE rush plays.  He won’t win be he is the best player. I wish we had gotten to see him and Nick really play together. 

Fields is is so dynamic both running and passing.  He is racking up tds and generally just making great decisions. He will likely need to keep it more on the zone read the rest of the way and play through some hits. 

JK is having a great year seeing the holes. Which are just enormous sometimes. The line is really doing a great job especially with run plays. Road grading style.  Good for coach Stud. He’s taken enough heat around here. 

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Been over there a few times for our game in the white out. It is outstanding and loud. But they have a losing record overall I’m almost certain in white out games

Comment 19 Oct 2019

The Harbaugh one with no shirt on catching the football was good but would’ve been historic if they added ‘I’m here for the white out’

Comment 13 Oct 2019

The younger Styles brother looks like he’s going to be a player we want. Not saying you take the brother at WR because of that but probably need to work harder for the younger brother now

Comment 12 Oct 2019

Could be sarcastic shock face.  Styles is very high on ND and there for tonight’s game. Tippy toes Sanders son went there think Styles will too unless he wants to be a db

Comment 02 Sep 2019

Hit or miss for me too in 18A.  Cell service outside the stadium before the game was better I thought

Comment 20 Aug 2019

I thought Dr James Andrews came up with a new procedure that enhanced the recovery time for high ankle sprains and either Tua or one of the Bama lineman did it late last year and played in like 2 weeks with no issues

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Day is actually very reserved outside of football. Quiet friendly. He is seemingly always recruiting, he is always on the phone and engaged in those conversations.  He’s just a nice guy very different than Urban who seemed to be all business. I can see Day doing better recruiting and that is no slight to Urban because of how seems to relate to kids and their families. Day really had already become the lead recruiter on the most important kids last year

Comment 08 Jul 2019

Not saying this actually happened but USC being a private school offers many opportunities to keep things out of the public eye. It would be possible to do through back channels if it were to happen.  Seems too soon but there will definitely be schools that try to get him.