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Comment 11 hours ago

The point was stimulus checks getting spent on stereo equipment, rims, tires, paint jobs on cars. It’s working out great for his business.  Clearly just giving out money doesn’t work like it’s intended

Comment 13 hours ago

Why not $5000 per month or just anything people want to take.  Hopefully people recognize the need to save money vs spend it all.  My friends auto accessory business has never done better than the last 4 months 

Comment 15 Jun 2020

Athletes Actors any entertainment venue are just that. Entertainment   People can choose to listen to their political views or not. I choose not to generally because in my opinion they aren’t anymore educated than those I know personally on world circumstances.  I am learning that sports and tv can be lived without which I’m not sure I thought was the case just a few months ago. At least in my home we are doing far more than we used to each day so I hope that stays.  Another plus is reinvestment in old music 

Comment 31 May 2020

Tress by a lot actually and that is no disrespect to Urban. I’ve met both a few times and while both were tremendous coaches and down right winners when it came to football, Tress is an amazing person. Never forgets a name or the last time he saw someone. It’s remarkable actually. Urban always same to been on edge unless he was comfortable with every person in the room. Just always guarded.  I will say Urban is more engaging now that he is not coaching.  I do think Day is somewhat a mix of those two personalities.  Less guarded than Urban and more comfortable in social settings and a killer when it comes to football. Interestingly enough but Tress and Urban were generally conservative on offense in their strategy. Day is not he just wants to attack and keep coming. Going to be so fun

Comment 13 Apr 2020

Yep. Oden was such an anomaly back then. Always respected Oden but far more after hearing the AD story years ago from a very very good source. 

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Urban would take over certain recruits or would put Day on the priority recruits which caused some of the other coaches to not be as involved or get less credit. Day is assisting every one while letting them do their job. He also is far more relaxed and cognizant of the coaches having family time including himself.  That does not in any way imply he is more or less dedicated than Urban. He just has a different way

Comment 01 Feb 2020

Older one but I think easily the biggest tease, Buster Davis. LB ended up at FSU but was in or out coming to OSU so many times. May even have gone passed signing day

Comment 27 Jan 2020

Shark. There is a video out there that shows the last 45 seconds or so and the crash. I don’t have it. If it is this specific accident, it would seem to indicate what you said above. As expected.  Also they passengers knew what was coming for at least as long as the video