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Comment 08 Dec 2018

My go to bourbons are Four Roses; all of them. I also like Blanton's and Woodford. I like to collect the derby edition bottles. The previously known as "yellow label" is amazing for a $20ish bottle of bourbon. If you want something with a sweet/floral note, I would suggest 1792. It is finished in port barrels and has a unique sweetness that I have yet to find elsewhere. Although I have to admit that when I find bourbons that I really enjoy, I have a difficult time trying anything new. I tend to shop at the Handy One, Arrow Wine, and Belmont Party Store.

Comment 06 Dec 2018

I'm seriously considering giving up my electrical business because it just interferes with life so much. I spend so much time and energy keeping it going that I can't do it anymore. I either need to hire some people to help out or walk away and get a job somewhere else. I'm missing out on my family and when I'm on my deathbed, I definitely won't be thinking about the jobs that need to get estimated or completed. I might just move to some Caribbean Island somewhere with the family, cuz screw this.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

That’s exactly my fucking point. If they’re going to hand out suspensions they need to fucking explain what the fuck the reasoning is to hand them out. Sorry for all the expletives, I’ve been working about 15 hours a day for the past two months.