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Raised singing Gospel music. In the US Army now. With a lovely wife and 3 amazing kids along the way. Go Bucks!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Um how bout 2002 Natl Champs!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith, James Laurenitis
  • NFL TEAM: 49ers, Ravens. Yep pretty much where Troy played.
  • NHL TEAM: No interest
  • NBA TEAM: Where ever Lebron plays
  • MLB TEAM: No interest
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Comment 11 Jan 2019

I find it pretty disgusting that so many people are making fun of a name. 

When my wife and I named our kids we spoke a blessing over their lives in Hebrew.

When we announced the birth on social media a friend of a relative piped up and said we should be ashamed of ourselves for the strange name.

It means something to us and if our kid decides they want to go by a different name in the work force...well there is a reason some applications ask if you have an alias name.

It is a name. It has meaning to those who have it.

Find another reason to drop your two pennies. There are plenty out there.

Comment 22 Oct 2017

We will see how good they are. I'm not buying what they are selling right now. If they could have easily dropped 50 on them...they would have.

That said I'm all about the team respecting their opponent and not coming in underestimating. But I'm not the team...I'm a fan and I say they are over rated and we about to fix that for them.

Comment 22 Oct 2017

I think this is more an indication of TTUN being garbage than it is of PSU being great. I think PSU is about to run into a buzzsaw. I hope we drop 70 on em. I hope we hold Barkley to less than 50 and Dobbins/Weber has a 200 yard game.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

I just don't want to lose him on that side of the ball.  Dude is a magical Oline coach.  I have no issue with Wilson.  I suggested him when TTUN was looking for a coach because if ole boy could get some decent talent his offense would be scary.  Send Beck down the road. I'm guessing Wilson has a few contacts in the Texas/Oklahoma area that would make up for the loss of Becks recruiting contribution.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

Maybe you know something I don't but Withers was not a good fit for OSU as he wasn't getting results from the jump.  That is not the case with Warriner.  He has been a solid coach for us since he has been here.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

Why on earth would Warriner leave OSU for the same job?  Since we are on the subject.... I haven't seen anybody talking about this here  but I also haven't looked awful hard...I think the issue with the line this year is a testament to what a great Oline coach Ed is.  I realize we replaced a fair amount of the line but Ed did that a couple years ago and the line was much more solid by this point in that season.  

Comment 31 Dec 2014

Brandon Castel from had said yesterday it plausible so that he could showcase his throwing a little better. I don't follow this line of thinking. I realize that while he has been called upon to run a lot...That was then. I think this year has proven that he has a lot more help now and could get as many involved in the passing game as he wanted to. If he stays and is truly a great passer, it will show.

Comment 28 Dec 2014

Lookin for all the news to read up on here. I see the pictures and my thoughts other than Luke's shirt, Herman looks tired and EzE has big cheeks....where are the videos of the press conference? I want to know what they said. I'm not trying to start the new year any faster than it has to, but this game can't get here soon enough.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Just left SBNation Bama site. Like 10% are concerned about us. The others making jokes about Urbans health issues. I hope their team feels that way too. We will hurt their feelers. I live in Lower Alabama as I am stationed down here. I love these folks but sometimes you just scratch your head. They all drink the  Kool-aid. I often listen to the Finebaum show and wonder why all my fellow Buckeyes don't call in and set them straight. Then I remember. We don't waste brain cells on futile pursuits. I'm going to enjoy this! Go Bucks.