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Comment 09 Jan 2018
My $.02, nick saban is the most accomplished coach in cfb history and his program is clicking at alltime high cylinders. For many reasons. And we've got 1 of the few Ws against him. I'm not absolving Urb from some poor decisions, but give Sabes his due. EVERY prgm is chasing him. It's his world, cfb is just living in it.
Comment 04 Jan 2018
There's just so many moving parts man. We lost to a clearly inferior team in 14 and got in, and last yr to psu, and got in. And look, the circumstances of that particular day dictate we probably shoulda beat msu in 15. But let's not act like that team was bad. They're werent.
Comment 04 Jan 2018

Expectations are a moving target, at least for this fan base. Many say it's 'national championship or bust' but is that really what they mean? Bama has made the playoffs all 4 years, but if GA beats them (and I'm hoping they do) they have the same titles in this era as OSU. Likewise Clemson, 3 appearances, 1 championship. I'm guessing those same people would say we're chasing those programs (ONLY those programs) So is making the playoffs the expectation? Even then, you can only control what you can control. Bama got in this year, we should've gotten in in '15. Please spare me your bitching about blowing it. If you think a reasonable expectation for each year is perfection, I can't help you.

As an analyst he was a bit of biased blubbering blowhard, but, Lou Holtz the coach always says, you coach a different team every week. Like it or not, he's right. These guys have breakups, health issues, family nonsense, tough classes....hell, they start believing what ESPN says about them. It's why we play the games, because 'any given team on any given day....' I'd like to win more titles, but I have a hard time being too bent because we 'only' have 1 natty in 4 years, 49 total wins and a slew of revolving door dudes going on to star in the league. Enjoy it ladies and gents. It may never be better than this.

Comment 03 Jan 2018
Osu fans are so fickle. We say we want a baker mayfield....but he's done. We don't want a jalen hurts, but he's about to hoist the trophy. Maybe the qb isn't the reason we haven't won more nattys. Jus sayin.
Comment 04 Dec 2017
Well on his best day, he completed 16 straight for 3 TDS and an epic comeback win. Maybe you watched it. Is that your definition of average? Words are important. You lose credibility when you make stuff up to fit your narrative. 'Shitty as hell' on a normal day? Cmon dude, you're better than that.
Comment 04 Dec 2017
If Urban Meyer is your coach, you get a dual threat qb. JT isn't a great pro style qb, but he's among the alltimers in college dual threats. I know, stats....stats don't mean much when you play for a nobody and have only moderate success. But JT plays qb for OSU and has had unprecedented success. I guess people forget, but when we had TP people KILLED his passing. It wasn't good. It just looked good compared to denard robinson! And as great as Troy was, in the biggest game of his career he had arguably the worst osu passing day in history. We're gonna beat usc, which will be 38 Ws with JT. And I'm guessing JT will account for at least 2 TDs. When he does, only 3 people in cfb history will have accounted for more. I'm an osu fan, so I hope haskins is the truth, but I understand the enormity of what he has to replace.
Comment 01 Dec 2017
That would a great finish, although you're more confident than I am. That said, everyone says Oweh has a high ceiling but he's raw. Relying on true freshman makes me nervous.
Comment 28 Nov 2017
It's so goofy. Aub beat Ala and Ga (who have ONE combined win over a top 15 team....that 1 pt'er over ND) and get lauded #2. The rest of their sched includes mercer, ga southern, lou monroe, aTm, mizzou and ark. So basically, they've played 6 games, and lost 2. Makes sense to me!
Comment 22 Nov 2017
Great question. I loved troy but gimme JT. I'd love to know what players think. Troy was talented, but polarizing (in the locker room) imo. JT? #3TimeCapt
Comment 15 Nov 2017
You know it's funny how split peeps are on JT. Has he had some bad games? Yup. Has he feasted on some weak teams? Yup. But so has everyone in the rafters. And hes also had some monster games against great teams. System guy or no, he's likely to win another Silver Football, and he'll leave as the leader in many categories in the history of the B1G, let alone osu. People act like Dwyane Haskins is the second coming. We gon miss this cat more than we realize, believe that.
Comment 18 Sep 2017

Forgive me if this is answered elsewhere, but I've heard lots of folks say PSU can only take 1 more DL. How do we know that? I mean if they really had a chance to take parsons, smith and oweh....and wanted them....isn't it likely that they have some 'difficult conversations' with current commits? I'm not saying I approve of that approach (and honestly I'm not saying I don't, as it's served us well too at times) but it seems to me that if they want those guys, they 'make room'. And while I'm thrilled with how this class is shaping up and am confident we'd be fine if we whiffed on all 3....the thought of all 3 going to psu is....unsettling.

Comment 08 Sep 2017

It's all well and good that Mayfield (who is an excellent player) is motivated. It's an entirely different thing to parlay that into a win against a team with more talent and better coaching on the road. If we think Ok is looking for revenge after last year's game in Norman, this buckeye team is looking redemption....and a title....after the Clemson debacle. I'll keep saying it, maybe it's close early but the bucks win easily.

Comment 07 Sep 2017

I'd argue we stopped ourselves for a half, but whatevs. You absolutely could be right though, and I admit, I'm probably too confident. But to me it boils down to this: do I think this Ok squad is better than last year's version? No. Do I think we'll be better than last year's version? Yes. We have a ridiculous coaching advantage, and we're at home. Doesn't mean we won't have to hold on for dear life in a dogfight, just what I'm basing my confidence on. 

Comment 07 Sep 2017

Hey I get it, any team can beat another on a given day. Totally agree! That said, anyone that thinks Okl is bringing in the caliber of players Osu is, in the #s we are, isn't paying attention. Okl has talent and tradition but they don't have the depth of studs we do. They just don't. Not many teams in America could lose what we lost in '15 and reload like we did in '16...and '17....and..... jmo.

Comment 07 Sep 2017

With all due respect to Riley and his prowess, I find it hard to convince myself we'll struggle with this sooner team, at night in the shoe, that no longer has Westbrook, Mixon, Perrine or Stoops. Mayfield and Andrews are weapons, but otherwise this team ain't got the horses to hang imo. They can't stop our run game and I'm not convinced they can stop our pass game either. Bucks by double digits.