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Comment 49 minutes ago
I was just in N.O good time but I'll pass for 1100. Ticket, flight (TPA to PHX) and hotel for PHX was less. And it doesnt smell like piss.
Comment 1 hour ago
If not for a muffed punt we had their ass beat with Braxton and hyde. This year they aren't the best team amd deep down they know it. They really have e only been the best team the 31-0 year. They weren't 31 point better though. This year they havent proven anything to me. They can be run on and thrown on. On offense if you contain their running back they are about on par with Michigan at wide receiver. Michigan has a better tight end probably. Qb will be under pressure for the first time all year.
Comment 21 hours ago
We beat Clemson by 3 scores. They have a weak defense and will be exposed in the desert. I'm making the trip so I'll be bringing all the mojo I gained on bourbon street and baton rouge the last 3 days. Then we take out OU in the title game. Yes you heard it here 1st OU beats LSU. LSU isnt that good. Defensive wins championships amd OU will score 50 on them.
Comment 08 Dec 2019
Clemson has not played anybody. They are soft on defense. I dont see them making the title game no matter who they play. I want a piece of them. I would love to end the Heisman talk for JB and see the real Heisman bury him a few times.
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Fields is fine. They need to blow the top off the defense. I tell you the biggest problem is Dobbins cant block for shit. For some reason we dont play Teague the better running back imo.
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Hes been in. It's not his job to make every play. Hes playing well. We need everyone else to stay in their lane. Take away the fucking slant!
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Not doing our job. When their slow as shit QB scored Friday dove so fucking hard like he can even run a play down from the backside.
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Just goes to show you how overrated the running back position is and it really influences the class rankings. I'd rather get a solid QB and linemen.