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Comment 29 Sep 2019
I legit thought you were joking. Two teams in is debatable depending on what losses the top teams have, three is ridiculous, and four is just showing your bias without any appearance of objectivity.
Comment 10 Sep 2019
It's two games into the season. None of the players you mentioned were world beaters in the first two games. I just looked it up, Zeke had 76 yards rushing at 3.8 ypc and two TDs in the first two games of 2014. It's WAY too early to say we don't have that type of player.
Comment 22 Apr 2019

Just look at the step forward the entire WR corps made last season with just part of the off season under Hartline. I believe that we'll see the veterans take another step forward. Wilson might have the highest ceiling of them all, but I don't think he'll be able to surpass the others on a consistent ability just yet. I do believe he'll show a lot of promise and make some great plays and he'll be ready to be WR1 next season.

Comment 23 Jan 2019
I'm not a huge Lax guy, but +1 for the effort and explanation that helped a non lax guy have a better understanding.
Comment 03 Apr 2018
Could part of the revenue difference be due to OSU and some of the other schools that went to the better bowls already getting their slice from their respective bowls? Whilst schools that didn't go bowling or went to lesser bowls having a smaller initial cut so they'd end up getting more when it comes time for the revenue sharing to take place? Ie, OSU already got it's cut from their bigger bowl payout so they get funneled less money from the Big10.
Comment 29 Dec 2017
I can't really fault him for the decision, but I do fault him for making it this close to game time. It's not the decision I'd have made, but I've also never stared at millions riding on my decision.
Comment 03 Dec 2017
JTB was playing on a leg that had recently been under the knife. He carried this team to a win against PSU and everyone lauded him. He's played through pain multiple times and he's my QB for 1-2 more games. Don't forget there were a couple of drops in the game and Wiscy was statistically the best defense in the country. He was a step slower out there and I can't imagine the pain he played through but he still picked up key 3rd downs with his legs.
Comment 11 Dec 2015

Thanks for the link, it was a great read. I'm not a fan of Ash leaving. Although I've come to terms with losing great assistants. Hopefully Schiano will take some of the sting out of losing Ash.

Does anyone know if he'll be at the bowl game? And if so, what duties he might have?

Comment 07 Dec 2015

I'm 29 and honestly don't remember the Irish ever being elite—my lasting image is Brady Hoke getting split in half by A.J. Hawk—and yet people talk about them like they're a 21st century blueblood.

I didn't even realize Hoke played for the Domers.