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Comment 29 Mar 2018

This x1000. 

I'll be elated if the NBA can get their shit together and turn the G-League into an actual farm system so that this charade of college rental players can be put to rest for good. The NCAA doesn't deserve to make money off of these players' names, and college sports should be for athletes who are actually going to college.  

IMO college basketball should be nothing more than an alternate route an athlete can take to make a name for themselves if they weren't good enough to get drafted out of high school. Yeah, the talent in college basketball would be lower, but get over it. High-level talent belongs in professional sports anyway.

Comment 15 Mar 2018

Buckeyes weren't even supposed to be here and 5-12 games are very commonly like this, so I can't really complain. Lovin all toxic these comments talking shit about our players. Did I miss the memo on our players being world beaters? Are we #5 rather than a 5 seed and I just missed that? Jesus, these are guys who missed the god damn NIT last year. Of course they're not perfect.

Anyway, I don't expect them to beat Gonzaga but I also don't expect another 86-59 loss this time. Anything beyond this is just icing on the cake this season.

Comment 15 Mar 2018

I'm not too worried YET, but this does have all the makings of an upset. Most notably the trademark ridiculous 3-pointers from the underdog.

Comment 15 Mar 2018

OSU gonna attempt 40 threes by the end of this.

It's not a good defense by SDSU but I have to give them credit because they know OSU has nobody who can hit them consistently. This game shouldn't even be remotely in question right now but brick after brick after brick on these wide open threes.

Comment 15 Mar 2018

Loyola-Chicago just beat Miami on a late 3-pointer. It's an 11 over a 6 so not monumental but still the first upset of the tournament.

Comment 15 Mar 2018

This game is a microcosm of why I've strayed away from basketball recently (especially the NBA). The "just shoot 3's" offense just doesn't do it for me. I understand that SDSU is giving them to us but it's still just not good basketball to watch.

EDIT: At the half, 40 combined 3-point attempts. 1 attempt every 30 seconds. That is not good basketball.