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Comment 14 Feb 2020

I would change the title from "WHAT OHIO STATE BASKETBALL NEEDS FROM EACH PLAYER THE REST OF THE 2019-20 SEASON" to WHAT OHIO STATE BASKETBALL NEEDS....Answer - Better more athletic players who are determined, gritty, fight hard and are tough and determined to win...especially at the 3, 4 and 5 positions.  Would love to see Gaffney get more playing time and man I hope Carton can return...that kid is special.

Comment 24 Jan 2020

Clearly this team is ineffective in a half-court offense.  Earlier this season, their pace of play was a bit more up-tempo and they had more success.  Unfortunately, Kaleb isn't dominant enough whereby they can win through him and him alone.  Their 3,4, and 5 positions simply can't match up (in a half-court offense) with what's currently in the B1G and it shows up every game.  The 3 position is typically a guard (in their 3 guard offense) and it's costing them precious rebounds.  To illustrate my point, when they first played Minnesota back in December the Gophers outrebounded the Buckeyes 40 to 28.  What kept the Buckeyes in the game last night is they had the rebounding edge 37 to 31, however, Minnesota only committed 4 turnovers to OSU's 12.

I get it that the coach feels the offense needs to run through Kaleb, but let's be real...Kaleb would never be the focal point on any NBA team and by not forcing a more up-tempo pace it's only hurting the team's chances to win and Kaleb's ability to develop into the type of NBA prospect capable of making a team.  If Kaleb gets winded then sit him down for a few and put Gaffney in (not to mention Gaffney playing more would help team morale).  Additionally, if Ahrens can get enough playing time to develop into a Jon Diebler-like 3 point threat then that would make a world of difference, but so far that's not happening.

I just hope they can right the ship because March Madness is without question one of the best times of the year for sports...especially when your favorite team is a part of the excitement.

Let's Go Buckeyes!!!

Comment 15 Dec 2019

I might be alone in my observation of Joe winning the Heisman.  On one hand, he obviously appeared happy and joyful.  On the other hand, and I could be wrong, but I sensed he was a bit sad...perhaps he would have rather won the Heisman donning the scarlet and gray.  Just one man's observation/opinion.  Either way, I am happy for Joe and wish him nothing but success...with one exception should both LSU and OSU make it to the championship game.

Comment 02 Oct 2019

Maybe a "pool-type" solution would be most equitable.  If you get into a thing where some are paid more than others that isn't a long term solution that works for anybody. 

For example.  The schools and NCAA determine a pool amount per player and it's the responsibility of the league/university to pay each player from each sport.  Each team is in a league that makes revenue from TV and such (at least at the big school level) and all of those student-athletes could receive an equal dollar amount to keep it balanced.  Once it gets out of balance then real problems could start.  Just a thought as I know this is far from being finalized.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

One of the lasting legacies of Woody Hayes is his multiple encounters with the media and it's made Ohio State an enduring target.  Couple that with the fact that the college football sports media doesn't know what to do during the summer months so they annually turn to the Buckeyes to see what they can dig up.  This year all they could find was the silly Harbaugh comments...("controversy follows Urban everywhere he's been") story and that was a fail.  What I find interesting is comparing tatgate to some of the stuff that's happened in the past in the SEC that you may have never even heard about you can only wonder what the heck is going on.

 I give you exhibit A and B below. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Comment 17 Jun 2019

The article said the following: He didn't get invited to either the NBA or the G-League draft combine...NBA interest was low even though he averages 14.6pts and 6.9 rebounds per game.

At the risk of being down-voted...I sense that Kaleb was one of those kids when growing up dominated the competition just because of his size difference.  There is a good chance that as a youth he didn't have to work on his game as much to always make the team.

The problem now is that he simply doesn't have the natural abilities...most notably, jumping be a difference maker in the NBA. 

The NBA teams can trade amongst other teams to get an average NBA player they certainly wouldn't look to draft one.  I do feel however that Kaleb can have a wonderful career overseas and establish a solid financial future.

In comparison to Jared Sullinger, who I do believe worked on his game coming up as a youth, and was also challenged with lack of jumping ability...I feel Jared has a much better skill set.   If the NBA doesn't have a home for Jared then I really don't see a place for Kaleb either.

Comment 20 May 2019

The issue that could stop this from ever happening is that Teddy posed the proposition as a "bet".  Meaning that the young man would have to put up $10k of his own money.  Of course, they could always run for free...but if I were Teddy I wouldn't risk pulling a hammy for something that doesn't pay out.

Comment 07 May 2019

Having been in the stadium for every home game Archie ever played in the Shoe...I knew with complete certainty (as I scrolled down the page) that his 31 consecutive 100-yard games would come in at #1.  He was then and still remains the most amazing Buckeye I've ever seen.

Comment 24 Jan 2019

The Buckeye's are talented however, they're just not as talented as the teams they are going up against.  Toss in the fact that this is a young team and it's hard to see them winning many more games. 

I would like to see an attempt to consistently up-tempo the pace which would mean Kaleb Wesson spends more time on the bench and Aherns and Ledee see more court time.  Obviously, this should be easier when Young returns. 

If a team comes out in a zone defense the only chance they have is to up-tempo as their outside shooting has been inconsistent at best.  Let's face it...this is the team we expected to see last year (in terms of win/loss record) and yet they overachieved.   

Another strong recruiting class behind the one coming in next year and the future looks bright.

Comment 16 Jul 2018

I always admired the athlete.  If you ever saw him jump it was amazing what he could do as a big man.  Not to mention this from the NFL combine.

The top five combine bench-press performances since the event was introduced:

Justin Ernest (DT) 51 1999  Eastern Kentucky
Stephen Paea (DT) 49 2011 Oregon State
Mitch Petrus (G) 45 2010 Arkansas
Mike Kudla (DE) 45 2006 Ohio State
Leif Larsen (DT) 45 2000 UTEP