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1965 grad of tOSU; History. Retired in 1997. Football season ticket holder since then.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1. Cie Grant dragging down the Criami QB. 1A. Zeke's 80 yards through the heart of Dixie.
  • NFL TEAM: Giarts
  • NBA TEAM: None
  • MLB TEAM: Giants

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Comment 12 hours ago

Good analysis, though I take big issue with: “... Myers, a possible Rimington Award...”  Why possible? Last year vs Wisconsin (twice) Myers completely outplayed last year’s winner, Biadiasz.  Myers and Davis give tOSU 2 first-team All-Americans on the O line; and if Munford is healthy, he just might be the third. Even more than last year, the road graders will lead the Buckeyes to the Promised Land of the CFP.

Comment 20 hours ago

The Schott is terrible! It is a monument to E. Gordon Gee’s ego and avarice... no more.  Instead of working to give Columbus a real first rate, unequaled indoor stadium, he insisted on having an arena exactly where it is... and by doing so ensured that both the Schott and Nationwide struggled financially. Just another reason why no one should lament the departure of Gee.

Comment 08 Apr 2020

Much as I admire Tressel the man, he never had a great O... even when he had great O players.  Why?  Because of his O philosophy and because he accepted mediocrity in the form of Jim Bollman (and several others.)

Comment 08 Apr 2020

Yes, 2002 was really it... because as you suggest we had lost so many big games that I vividly recall justifying Cooper in exactly the same terms the Skunkweasals defend Owen Five: good man, graduates his players, makes us competitiive...I even expected to win up there in 2003, though I am not sure why? But after the win in 02, I recall thinking the pox was lifted.

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Congrats to Chris... he makes us all proud to be Buckeyes.

Serious question, however. Who administers the charity that ensures “all proceeds go to victims of the virus?” Recall how many of us gave after 9-11 for victims of the attack? As far as I know there never was an accounting, and that effort resulted in $B’s. I get a little nervous about charities, unless I know the Salvation Army (IMHO, the best charity for giving to those in need) is involved.

Comment 01 Apr 2020

The only advantage of being old is that I have been fooled many times by April Fools jokes. Today? Not so much...:>)