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Comment 09 Jan 2020

Not really is the correct answer. No amount of $$$ would have kept Hafley in Columbus; and it seems no amount of $$$ can get Venables out of Clemson.  Yurcich was hired by a frantic HC who needs to save his job. Given Yurcich had not proven his value, why would tOSU pay him more than the $900+K he was making? As for others...Larry Johnson? He is comfortable and well paid, and I doubt he leaves because of anything related to money...Lack of pay is hardly an issue in Columbus.

Comment 07 Jan 2020

Well said. You have my proxy on the issue of Herbie.

For reasons no one cares, I don’t have a DVR of the Clemson game, However, there was a perfect example of Herbie’s lack of bias in the game.  A Buckeye receiver ran an out route and the Clemson defender had his hand on the receivers jersey to the point that PERHAPS he pulled the receiver down. The pass was wide and nothing was mentioned about the jersey pull. I said to my wife (who like most women loves Herbie, even though she is old enough to be his mother) “if that had been a Buckeye defending a Clemson receiver, Herbie would have pointed out the lack of a holding call.” Fast forward and Arnette is defending against a quick in route, and has a hold of the jersey.... though MUCH less egregious IMHO... and sure enough, Herbie says that might have been holding but it wasn’t called. It drives me nuts. Anyone who would not have disagreed with the fumble call would truly be seen as an idiot... like Desmond.... Much prefer Joel Klatt or Greg McElroy to Herbie. 

Comment 07 Jan 2020

Really? My bet would be both are far more articulate and know more about almost any subject than anyone who’d pronounce them “slugs”,

Comment 06 Jan 2020

You lost all credibility when you called Lawrence a “slow, lumbering QB.”  Check your eyesight at the first chance, and then do some research about Lawrence’s athleticism... lest you again make yourself look bad.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

First job on campus in 1961 was as a page retrieving books from the stacks. No sex up there for me, :>(  though I was in love with a Mrs Robinson lookalike who was in charge of the main desk! ;>)

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Or Joey Galloway... who is excellent and let’s everyone know his allegiance to tOSU.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

Always a place in NFL for a guy who can get open... and catch the ball!

thanks, KJ, for being a great Buckeye.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

As a student from 1961-65, I don’t recall the bowling alley (though the photo trumps my memory.)  However, I vividly recall that there were at least 50 regulation pool tables in the basement.  There were plenty of ‘pool sharks” hanging out down there. One, in particular, a guy from NYC, was there playing each and every time I came to play. After graduation, when I returned from Vietnam in 1967, I went to the Union and there was the same guy... :>)  Not sure he ever graduated, or even attended class.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Clearly you didn’t see all the non-calls, like Clemson DB’s tackling Buckeye receivers, the face mask vs Chase Young 9part of the targeting play) , or the 959 times Chase and others were held/tackled. Other than that, they called a great game... ensuring their chosen team won. And yes, the Buckeyes -after all that -still could have won by making plays.

Comment 01 Jan 2020

Want to add my admiration for Coach Day to this thread. He is, indeed, the man. Much as Hafley was a home run hire on the field, his leaving after one year shows the vagaries of hiring, as does the Yurcich situation. Personnel, at every level, is truly a crapshoot. Hopefully Day can take both a long term view and find the best available candidates. Since I had no idea who Jeff Hafley was at this time last year, and all I know about Corey Dennis is what I hear from the quotes of players/recruits, I hardly qualify as some one in the know. But Corey Dennis and Kerry Coombs would make me really happy!

Comment 31 Dec 2019

For those who don’t remember, I would like to add to the historical record of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. Yes, our OL, especially the OTs, seldom touched the Gator DEs when they pass rushed. But Troy Smith had gained about 20 lbs gorging himself on In-n-Out Burgers and he refused, despite the staff’s repeated pleas, to run the ball. He was protecting his draft value. Don’t get me wrong, Florida had a great game plan that night and probably would have beaten the Buckeyes anyway, but I lost 90% of my respect for Smith that game. Of course, Tressel would never criticize his Heisman winner, but it is a fact - not speculation - that Smith wouldn’t even try to affect the pass rush.