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Went to to my first OSU football game in 1959…all the way to Ann Arbor! First basketball game in 1960. Got to meet Fred Taylor, and spent an hour with Woody in his office once! I am one of the kids on the dais at the Columbus airport when the 1960 OSU national championship team arrived home.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Too many to list...
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: 2014: Devin Smith, off., Michael Bennett, def.; all-time: Craig Krentzel, off., Jack Tatum, def.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: current: Sam Thompson; all time: John Havlicek
  • NFL TEAM: the old Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 16 May 2020

Ohio State will never allow Cincinnati into the Big 10. Not going to happen. I don't even think they would tolerate WVU, to be honest (remember, they blocked Pitt many years ago). Neither school measures up to Big 10 standards, plus Ohio Sate is not going to allow recruiting competition within the state of Ohio. 

Comment 07 May 2020

Great article, thanks so much for sharing! 

Comment 03 May 2020

MS, you seem to be stating that Harbaugh could develop quarterbacks as well as Day IF ONLY he had players of the same talent level to develop. Isn't that Harbaugh's go out and assess and recruit guys at that level? I mean he's he QB Whisperer, right? It's not like he has to play the players that his GM gives him. He IS the GM for Michigan football!

Comment 03 May 2020

Does anyone think that "The Journey" episode on Landers mental health struggles might have hurt his NFL draft stock? Gosh, I hope not, but I do wonder. In the late rounds, NFL teams have so many players to choose from that I could see them passing on a guy that they thought had issues. That would be a shame, because I really became an even bigger fan the Landers after that episode aired. He seems like a great young man who has overcome much in his life. 

Comment 25 Apr 2020

I have to agree that this draft gives Baker his best chance, but, unfortunately, I don't think Baker will ever be a quality NFL quarterback. There's just something missing in his game. Anyway, I hope I am wrong and that the Browns bounce back with a great season and a playoff berth. 

Comment 20 Apr 2020

I agree about keeping Fleck away. Someone asked who would take the job, and I think Fleck is ambitious enough to grab it if it is available. But like I said earlier in this thread, TTUN is so terrified of another RichRod or Hoke, that they are willing to wallow in mediocrity with "Three Touchdowns head of Us" Jimmy for quite awhile. It's going to take a serious drop-off in attendance at the Big House, like they had in the '60s, to for them to activate the ejector seat.

Comment 19 Apr 2020

You know who I think would jump at the chance? P.J. Fleck, the Boat-Rower in Chief! He strikes me as a guy who will always be looking for a bigger boat to row. I think Fleck would be an upgrade over Harbaugh in terms of recruiting ability, and like him or not, he generates a kind of enthusiasm missing in Ann Arbor right now. 

Something is really wrong with "Three Touchdowns Ahead of Us" Jimmy. I went back and watched his initial press conference, and today's Jimmy is not the same guy. He's lifeless now, and that lack of enthusiasm is reflected in how quickly his teams give up on him when they get punched hard a few times. TTUN, and the rivalry, could use some enthusiasm. Jimmy is never going to give them that, whether it's the meds or disinterest, he's checked out.

Comment 19 Apr 2020

I've actually read MgoBlog posts proposing that they play us earlier in the year. Lately, they seem to be more concerned about MSU and Minnesota. It's stunning to me how they are trying to rewrite history to diminish the rivalry. "Oh, we were never at OSU's level." What??? Bo would be reaming these guys right now! They are so afraid of another RichRod or Hoke that they are willing to live with Jimmy, no matter what. I still remember the early '60s, when they couldn't fill their stadium without giving tickets away. It will be like that again in a few years if they don't fix their coaching problem. In modern college football, too many down years is a death sentence for recruiting and coaching hires. Most potential recruits were little kids when the Fickell-led Bucks barely lost to TTUN in 2011. It's only a rivalry to these kids in story books. And will top coaches want to go there after another 5-10 years of mediocrity? 

Cooper was a perennial contender for Natties, but he was still fired for not ever really grasping the rivalry. It's stunning to me that TTUN and their fans seem to be collectively giving up even caring about it. How does anyone give up the best rivalry in football?

Comment 28 Mar 2020

I just read that some people in Wuhan are getting reinfected, so apparently it can come back in the same people more than once. That's bad news, especially as football season extends into colder weather, when the virus is expected to make a comeback from a possible summer lull. I do not expect that football will be played this season, a least at the college level, because the institutions won't put student athletes and others at risk for a game. Bad news for us that live and die Buckeye football, but I just don't see this thing ending soon. We lost our chance to get this under control early (as much as it can be brought "under control") and are likely going to have a longer run with it as a result. I realize the world has much bigger issues than college football to grapple with, but I'll be 69 by the time football would be ready to start, and it's been part of my life since the '50s. I'm going to be lost on Saturdays...

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Saw Sabbath on their first (I think) U.S.tour. They were opening for Jethro Tull at the Ohio Theater around '70 or '71. What I remember most was the high percentage of college-age women showing up in witches outfits, all of whom seemed disappointed that there were no live sacrifices on stage. The band just came out and played their songs. I've never been a big Black Sabbath fan, but I am glad I saw them. It was a great era for music!

Edit: just looked up the date. It was November 9, 1970.