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Comment 14 Oct 2015

Because of you cream puff schedule you're scoring points against 3 of the worst defenses in the country. Not exactly something to hang your hat on. One could argue you should be scoring more.

VT is the only win that looks even remotely impressive because of their O/D rankings and that program is clearly down. The only team osu beat with a winning record is IU...freakin IU???!!!

At least UM can say they've beaten ranked opponents and had no MAC schools on their schedule.

Your AD needs to try and schedule some teams that can actually play football.

Comment 14 Oct 2015

Since we're comparing let's look at what osu has done.

VT - Off #88/Def #39

Hawaii - O #127/D #102

NIU - O #55/D #59

WMU - O #54/D #108

IU - O #31/D #114

Maryland - O #109/D #110

osu struggled in several of these games with a 7 point average margin of victory. UM has enjoyed a 24 point average margin of victory in their wins.

UM beat Maryland on the road by 28 points and no points surrendered. osu beat Maryland at home by 21 points and surrendered 28 points.

Should osu fans be worried? Maybe, maybe not.

When UM beats MSU handily, then osu fans should worry.