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Comment 23 Sep 2020

I never kept a photo of that banner I made! That was so fun. We had a Michigan man sitting right behind us and they made us turn it around to show him :) 

Comment 10 Aug 2020

I’m not mad at the Pres. Johnson. No one really knows the long term effects of the virus and I care about these kids not just on the field.  But if people are gonna run around spreading this then this is what happens. I live in an area where there has been a nonstop flow of people from western Washington over here vacationing since April. Too many treated the quarantine like an extended vacation. There are far too many people on Facebook bragging about low air fares and trips they’re taking all over the country. I put gas in my car this morning at 6 a.m. and I saw a constant parade of tradesmen going into the minimart...none of whom were wearing masks.
Although I’m disappointed , I’m saying a silent prayer that I’ve not lost my mom or dad to this. My family hasn’t been hit hard financially.  There are people who can’t say either. 

Comment 02 Jul 2020

My husband has that problem but I’m a sewist so I just made a custom one for him using WSU fabric. There are maybe 10-20 customizable tutorials on YouTube. If you know someone who sews you should be golden.

You can call any quilt store in your area. Those gals have been making masks like mad. I’m sure they can hook you up with someone who can make you a custom mask from measurements provided. These are the gals who have been making hundreds when there was a shortage. They can make anything.

Comment 03 Jun 2020

I grew up in NE Ohio and I could only afford a local school ( Kent State). But my dad always watched and loved the Buckeyes and I’ve been on that bandwagon for 43 years now. 
I have a friend here in town that graduated from Ohio State. He couldn’t care less about the football team or sports in general. I figure it’s ok for me to fill in for him :) 

Comment 23 Apr 2020

Not all Browns fans are like that. I happen to hope things work out very well with Burrow and the Bengals....just not when they’re playing Cleveland.

Comment 22 Apr 2020

I’m sure MLB wants us all to forget about this cheating stuff as soon as possible so I seriously doubt they did much real digging. 

Comment 30 Jan 2020

Makes sense with Vrabel’s  past player relationship with Brady.

Comment 30 Jan 2020

I’m sure they’ll make some snarky comments about online classes and continue along with their noses in the air. Fake superiority is all they have.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

If LSU had any sense they would ask Odell to stay away from now on. His behavior was a disgrace. And that’s not limited to just getting  players into trouble. Now he has gotten himself in trouble too.