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Comment 03 Dec 2016

How about we Buckeye fans stop treating Tom Herman as "one of us" now.  He's the competition now, no different than Pete Carroll, Nick Saban or Mark Dantonio. Excuse me if I'm officially over five posts a week smooching his ass.  I hope we win every reciting battle over Texas and I hope we beat the shit out of him on the field when necessary. I don't really care if he gets fired after 2 years. 

Comment 13 Nov 2016

What killed Ohio State's playoff chances last season was not the lack of a conference championship, per se, but rather what then conference championship would have offered them: a chance to get another big win.

Last year the only good win they had was over Michigan.  They needed to beat that undefeated Iowa team to burnish their resume.  This year they will have 4 wins at least as good as their 1 from last year. The lack of an opportunity to get another top 10 win won't hurt this year.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Haha.  Yes of course I do.  I was hoping Jason would have pulled some vintage 2007-2009 re: urban comments during the recent 10th Anniversary celebration.  I assure you he has them locked away in some past CMS.  Maybe he'll leak my comments Access Hollywood-style if I ever try and run for governor of Ohio.

I also don't think the Meyer hate was too bad after that NCG, but I think it peaked when that recruit flipped because Urban told him he had a dream that God told him he should come to Florida.  That and his retirement/unretirement were probably the worst of the anti-Urban vitriol at 11W.

Comment 01 Oct 2016

Anyone want to start a thread complaining about the missed extra point?  Or the backup center's holding penalty that nullified the touchdown?  I want to bitch about something.

Comment 03 Sep 2016

Feeling great about the running game. That was my biggest concern coming into the season. I know Weber was highly touted, but you never know until you see it in an actual game. But I was very impressed with him, especially his patience in waiting for holes to open. And looked good blocking too!  Samuel looked good too and McCall looked super fast.