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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Beating Michigan. It never gets old and is the best thing that can happen.
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Comment 23 May 2017
I've been sick so many times this year already from idiots coming to work sick that I'm almost to the point of looking like a weirdo with a full face respirator mask. Wear the mask, make your point.
Comment 06 Apr 2017
Fair enough, I think this is exactly the kind of thing the writers along with Kirkman want us to talk about. You've made excellent points and have changed my viewpoint because of you. No joke.
Comment 05 Apr 2017

If we are able to step back for a moment and imagine, that we have no idea of what Rick and his group has been through, if we started the TV series with Rick's group going to Hilltop and offering to kill another group of people that they have no idea about. I think most people would conclude that Neegan's group, might actually be the lesser of 2 evils as of now.

Sorry for the first sentence being kind of a run-on.

Comment 04 Apr 2017

I feel the main differences between Rick and Negan's group is style of government, possibly the way citizens are treated and the taxation of the other colonies.

Negan is a dictator, which we are taught from birth to despise. However, Rick is almost as much of a dictator, but we somehow end up liking him?

Negan's group utilizes it's citizens almost in a caste society, something we once again are taught to hate. Whereas Rick's citizens are able to "choose" their jobs, which makes us identify with his group more.

Finally we get to taxation, and as we see Negan takes half of everything, which is overtaxation. If was was only taking a quarter or less and actually provided security for the outlying colonies, it probably wouldn't be a big deal. Rick's citizens don't tax each other and they share everything with the group, which works in this situation.

When it comes down to it though, Rick's group has killed more of Negan's group close to 10 times over what Negan has done and really without provocation and yet we are supposed to believe they're the good guys? In fact, as of right now, I would say, looking from a big picture sort of way Rick's group are a bunch of psycho killers and Negan has done his best to appease them.It does make for an interesting conversation.

Comment 18 Mar 2017
Every "happily" married guy says this. Also, his statement is cut short and he even refers to not arguing with the women in his house. Shitty joyrnalusm/click bait headlines are ruining everything. The whole world has gone crazy with this PC bullshit. Not directed at you Benwin, just pointing out the dire need for better reporting. It almost reminds me of the need for mods to fix people's post headers, maybe we need this for "news journalists" too?
Comment 29 Dec 2016
I'm for this. Group of 5 and Power 5 are completely different and have basically always been separated. The only thing they have in common is they are both considered D-1. Go for it Group of 5, you aren't getting into the playoff the way it's set up.
Comment 04 Dec 2016

Ohio State is ahead of Washington due to their (Washington's) non-conference schedule but they are in the top 4 because of having only one loss and they are the Pac - 12 Champion. Overall, I think they got it right.

Comment 04 Dec 2016
I guess I should put my resume in for B12 Commissioner since it's fairly easy to understand. The 4 data points looked to are only when the differences between teams are very close. Then you use the data points. When the other team is clearly better, they don't waste their time on data points. They told him the championship mattered in 2014 because TCU, Baylor and Ohio State were being compared. The data point used was the championship game, it was the difference. This year, the committee felt Ohio State was clearly better than both the Big 12 and Big 10 champions. It's not rocket surgery!
Comment 04 Dec 2016
Pretty much what I expected. I didn't think Clemson did enough to jump OSU though but this was the only other outcome I expected. Pleasantly pleased and Penn Station. and Michigan heads are exploding right now, couldn't be happier.
Comment 03 Dec 2016
I'm not even gonna bother watching Clemson/Va Tech, there is no way the ACC is going to let Clemson lose.
Comment 03 Dec 2016
It's good Alabama is winning so easily, the media will puff them up and Alabama will believe it. This is better than them losing because they would come in laser focused after a loss. Good chance Alabama loses in the playoff.
Comment 27 Nov 2016
I think we are in no matter what but just to be safe we need a Husky loss or a Clemson loss or both. It also wouldn't hurt if Oklahoma wins and Wisconsin wins. If all of this happens we are a guaranteed lock.