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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Beating Michigan. It never gets old and is the best thing that can happen.
  • NFL TEAM: The team with the most Buckeyes on it.
  • NHL TEAM: Red Wings
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Sounders

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Comment 09 Jan 2018
Seems scripted lol
Comment 09 Jan 2018
What a dumbass
Comment 05 Jan 2018
I think this describes me pretty well. I guess my other question to the other people that said they were die hard fans is: do you still buy tickets/merchandise/other stuff or have you stopped or slowed down on these things?
Comment 02 Jan 2018
I think every year so far they have gotten one team wrong. Wrong in the sense that there has always been at least one team that looked like it didn't show up. First year it was FSU, second year it was MSU, third year it was us, this year it was Clemson. Just a casual observation.
Comment 01 Jan 2018
I disagree. Sure it will get some of us CFB junkies but it's not going to truly draw any viewers from out side of that region of the country. We'll just have to wait and see but I'm on the west coast and these people out here are pretty casual observers so I know they won't be watching it.
Comment 01 Jan 2018
It started with an undefeated Auburn getting snubbed for the BCS championship. Then continued to grow with Florida's win over us and then grew by leaps and bounds wh3n ESPN bought the SEC with 2.5 billion dollars.
Comment 01 Jan 2018
Will anyone outside of SEC country even know about though. Seriously, outside of their area not many people are going to give a Shit about this National Championship game.