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  • SPORTS MOMENT: One time in peewee baseball I got plunked on the arm to drive home the winning run.
  • NFL TEAM: My fantasy squad, MIN, whoever is wailing on CLE!
  • NBA TEAM: I sorta just like Lebron. Decision was top comedy!
  • MLB TEAM: Cardinals, Twins
  • SOCCER TEAM: Red Mega Man Team, Mega Man Soccer SNES

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Comment 28 Nov 2019
Lotta great takes in here- NFL stinks and has stunk for a long time, almost more so and for as long as the browns even, by far the league's stinkiest team. NFL just feels like a dead product. Does anybody really care who wins/loses beyond betting or fantasy implications? Scrap the whole thing and create a leaguewherein we can have a pro Ohio State Buckeyes, maybe who play in spring and summer, along w pro like 10-15 other top college teams and then some aggregate teams. Boom I'd be back in
Comment 25 Jul 2019

Gonna have to start thinking of a fun tagline for the Day era crootin threads! Even though "Could be as great as..." is still fitting. Season right around the corner now! Go bucks!!!

Comment 08 Jul 2019

Lotta chatter that it could be the scientist Brenner who was conducting the experiments on 11 and others in szn 2 that is the American locked up in Russia.

Comment 06 Jul 2019

Binged thru sode sev over past 2 nights and really had to force myself not to finish last night. Fantastic season, action and tension from the first minute, and wow those 80s sights and sounds.

Comment 28 May 2019

Fast weight loss causes the liver to dump out more bile & kinda throws the gallbladder off schedule as far as emptying it, the risk of gallstones increases. A lot of people starting extreme or liquid diets are recommended to take actigall preemptively.

Comment 24 May 2019

It was pretty clear pretty soon after the TCU game last year that Nick's recovery timeline wasn't going to be on the order of a few weeks.

Comment 21 May 2019

You called the woman with zeke an incredibly derogatory term rhymes with sore...which, oddly enough, describes your backside as evidenced by complaining about all the DV's!

Comment 17 May 2019

Amen to the previous 3 posts.

Imagine how you might react if this happened at any other school and it weren't on the front page. It's a big story.

Comment 15 May 2019

Are you just multiplying all of the individual probabilities by one another? If so, that's not gonna lead to the right answer in this case. These events (Pelicans getting 1, Cavs getting 5, e.g.) are all dependent events and are conditional upon one another. 

Put another way- once teams 2-14 were set last night, the Pelicans had a 100% chance of being the 1st pick. When teams 3-14 were set, they probably had somewhere around a 50% chance. Since each pick depends on how the other picks played out, the probabilities change as the lottery proceeds. (not sure if that's how the NBA decides it from 14 down to 1, but it illustrates why you can't just multiply).

Comment 27 Mar 2019

Also seems like that may be why BGSU mentioned it was Athletic but didn't link to it in the first place, which could have served as an additional heads up.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

I don't know why- there's very little consensus on rankings in the first place. Different teams have different needs & I'm sure each one has guys that they can't believe are still on the board rounds later. The big board isn't Kiper's belief where a guy gets drafted, just where he slots them in as far as most talent. Beyond the first half round or so, things start to get murkier & murkier as previous picks have big downstream affects, trades happen, teams make what the public consider big reaches, and so on. Every year there are guys that free fall for one reason or another, oftentimes we don't know why until after the fact.

It's a pretty big undertaking to make a big board, and nobody is gonna slot every guy closely to where they'll get picked. There's a lot of uncertainty in the draft- if there weren't, teams would be picking Tom Brady or Antonio Brown far sooner than they did.