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Comment 07 Jan 2018

You assume that we will not watch because it is not Ohio State playing. While I believe that the Buckeyes did more than Alabama did to get into the playoffs, I am not watching because the SEC did not deserve to have two teams in the mix. Not this year. I would rather watch UCF vs Georgia. That would be better than a second SEC Championship game.

Comment 07 Jan 2018

Conference realignment. Get rid of the Bi12. 

4- 20 team conferences

2 - 10 team divisions per conference

Round 1 - Div A vs Div B (Conference Chanmp)

Round 2 Highest Rank Conference Champ Vs #4 Highest Rank Conference Champ

Highest Rank Conference Champ #2 Vs #3 Highest Rank Conference Champ

True National Champ

Now... all of this would be based on a schedule where each div team plays the other members of their division (9 games). Teams can then schedule the MAC teams or play a non conference matchup vs a marquee team without worrying about an early season loss. The MAC type schools get their money like they do now. This will also keep the Alabama teams of the world from scheduling Wofford in November. The whole season matters, the conference championship matters, and you remove subjectivity with the exception of how you rank the conferences 1-4 at the end. When the Buckeyes win the conference against the toughest division in College Football and also have non conference wins vs Texas, Washington and Toledo we will be the number 1 seed every year. 

It is not currently a level playing field in college football and there is way too much subjectivity. I for one will not be watching the "National" Championship game this year. I already saw the SEC conference Championship game and I know who won and see no reason to watch the revised conference championship game.  The SEC and the ACC play only 8 conference teams and schedule week non conference opponents and then we have to listen to how great they are. I don't buy it.