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Comment 03 Jan 2017
This team just put up a bagel for the first time in two decades and they're simply going to fire a few people and go 13-0. Riiiiiiiight.
Comment 12 Nov 2016
Forgetting all precedents that have/not been set by the committee the past two years, if they put osu at 2 this week, and osu beats a bad Sparty, and then a top 5 Michigan, and they find a way to drop osu from the top 4, then the rankings leading up to the final rankings truly mean nothing, and it solidifies that a conference championship is a prerequisite for a playoff spot.
Comment 05 Nov 2016
Baylor showing they are the biggest frauds in college football. I can't stand that program. They schedule the easiest OoC schedule, and play in the weakest conference, and if they are a 0/1 loss team they will moan and complain that they should be in the top 4. Until their OoC scheduling improves they should never be considered for the playoff.
Comment 05 Nov 2016
I'd agree with sone of this. I would certainly say his issues are more with arm strength than accuracy. I'd like him to prove my wrong and make a nice living in the league, but I haven't seen the velocity on his throws he'll need to make it at the next level. FWIW I thought Braxton had a laser, pre shoulder injury of course.
Comment 29 Oct 2016
Everyone is saying it is on the coaches. And yes, college football is 95% coaching and it is their responsibility to recruit good players. But are we sure the talent level simply is not very high?
Comment 29 Oct 2016
This team went to Norman week 3 and the game was over by halftime. Now tied with Northwestern at home heading to the 4rth. That level of regression is an indictment on the entire coaching staff. Including UFM.