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Comment 30 Dec 2019

Rules “experts” have never told me something I didn’t already know and have never clarified anything I didn’t already see.

Reviews were good for awhile, but somehow “indisputable video evidence” has gone out the door and the answer from the review booth becomes a judgement call of what the booth thought might have happened.  Look at the call that cost Memphis their only regular season loss as an example.

That and I’m tired of the officials huddling after every flag and having a discussion that makes me feel like I’m waiting for them to elect the next pope.

Comment 25 Dec 2019

I see your point but feel very much like many of the wins were losses.  I always took a lot of pride in the Buckeyes defense.  Not only having some of the greatest defenses of all time, but the consistency in great defense.  The points we gave up in victory were absurd.  31 to Oregon State?  TCU shouldn’t have scored more than a field goal or two.  Even the 39 to TSUN was a wtf.  Say those points were garbage time all you want, but TOSU never gave up points like that in garbage time on a historical basis.

Checked off a bucket list item and went to the Rose Bowl.  It was awesome to get the W, and a win is a win.  However given Washington’s comeback, it was hard not to walk out of there thinking we should have beat them 56-10.

Comment 11 Dec 2019

I’m viewing TSUN-Bama as a win-win since one of them has to lose.  I hope TSUN goes down...Only B1G team I never, ever root for.  But if it’s the other way around at least it’s a chink in the armor of Bama and the SEC.

Of course, if Bama should lose they will write it off to guys skipping the bowl.  In the very remote event no one skips the bowl, then they will write it off to guys more focused on thinking about leaving.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I firmly believe we would not be this good.  Could we be undefeated?  Maybe, but depends on other moving parts.  This team is performing at an historic level.  Changing any one ingredient could only make things worse.  I’m sure it would be mostly the same staff and even if they stepped up their coaching, would we have Fields?

Love Urban, but the stars aligned this year.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

If you lived through the 9-3 years of Earle, yes Cooper elevated us.  Under Earle, after ‘79, we just lost games we never should have lost.  It was agonizing knowing we would lose 3 games before season even started.  We were completely irrelevant nationally.  Coop brought in the talent and made his runs.  We were began to run deep into the season undefeated.  We were being talked about on ESPN (before they went to hell).  I get he puckered at the end of the season.  I wanted him fired as well because it was inexcusable to lose to TSUN.  But I give him credit for at least bringing in talent and making us nationally relevant.  Also, Tressel went 2-0 versus TSUN and won a Natty with many of Coop’s players.  Coop deserves some credit for elevating the program.  Just couldn’t get us over the hump.  One last thing, not for nothing but he was probably an MSU shanked punt that bounced off of Nate Clements away from a Natty of his own.

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I did some work at his company, Cranston/Csuri, back in the late 80’s.  It was really cool what they were doing at the time.  The graphics you saw on TV for the lead in to NFL games were done by them.  They also did work for Olympics and some of the major networks.  It was stuff you would have thought was coming out of L.A. or New York...but nope, Columbus.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I’m not convinced Rutgers could score even if given the benefit of three 15 yard penalties in a row as Maryland was. Probably would leave them with a 45 plus field goal try best case but then fall out of range as soon as they run a play and lose yards.

Question I have is if they can finish the game with positive yardage.

Comment 28 Oct 2019

This is the stuff you’d think they would learn to keep in check - Josh Metellus said. "I know what this defense is capable of. We can shut anybody out. If everybody is locked in, doing their job, we can shut out anybody in the country."

Ummmm, right.  Btw, despite the stats, you didn’t even shut out ND as they were sleepwalking through the game.