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Comment 29 Dec 2018
DJ is an ass. He is everything that he and his people stands for as well. This is a fact. He has no talent as a writer or anything else he pretends to be. He is a hack. His beliefs in this case are so embarrassing that perhaps he should take up basket weaving and join mgo club. How sad.
Comment 01 Dec 2018
Here's my argument. Alabama is by far the best team. What would the spread be between Oklahoma vs them? What would the spread be between us and them? I would bet we would be less than a 10 point underdog. Oklahoma would be 14 at least. Not that it matters I guess but I think Ohio State has the best chance of all potential playoff teams to beat Alabama. Thus it should make them the number 2 seed. I've already started drinking so maybe my argument is not valid. Lol.