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Comment 26 Feb 2019

our first dog of my married life was named Scooby (black lab) ... the 22 is random.  Charlie is our current chocolate lab.

Comment 25 Feb 2019

Read this online and it makes sense ... The son was sleeping with the interviewer... he realizes this is a clue for her (she was the one floating the pedo ring conspiracy) ... so the inference is that the whole story may come out after all ... 

Comment 25 Feb 2019

Same here ... had to watch the previous episodes on demand and backtrack a few times to get Ali’s dialogue.  I absolutely loved the ending.  I love to read about (hypothesize) about conspiracy theories (my wife thinks I’m crazy cuz I get lost in YouTube videos) ... so it taught me a lesson about getting so caught up in things that you miss the obvious.  In other words, quit looking for the boogeyman.  Also, the relationship stories were key to the plot and well acted ... great series all the way around ... but still not as good as Season 1 which is an all-time Classic!

Comment 22 Feb 2019

fight like hell poppy ... we all know you will.  good karma being sent your way!

Comment 05 Jan 2019

might wanna wait to see if he wins the starting job ... you may look back and wish you had bought a #18 jersey ...

Comment 02 Jan 2019

I hear ya 298 ... with me, it was my mom.  She listened to everything (and my dad listened to old school country).  Hence, I tend to like everything as well ... except jazz.  I don’t do jazz ...

Comment 22 Dec 2018

he needs to take whatever time he needs to get his health right ... priorities ...

Comment 28 Nov 2018

my only tin foil hat explanation was that they were trying to keep the game close.  here is a brief replay of the refs performance saturday though ... good god how i hate that freaking targeting rule ...