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Comment 6 hours ago

I always thought seventh sons and daughters were considered magical witches and warlocks ... or some such thing ... or maybe it just makes them great guitar players!

Comment 15 hours ago

don't think i've seen it mentioned that JW is a full blown warlock (from ball and biscuit: "i might be your third man girl, but it's a fact that i'm the 7th son") ... no wonder he can make a guitar talk like this ...

Comment 07 Jul 2020

good will conquer evil, and the truth will set me free ...

and i know somewhere i will find the key ... yeah i know somehow i'll find the key

well it seems like i've been playing your game way too long ...

and it seems the game i've played has made you strong

but when the game is over, i won't walk out a loser ...

someday i'll walk out of here again ... yeah i know someway i'll walk out of there again ...

but now i'm trapped

Comment 07 Jul 2020
my bad, i guess he reported it to the tower (not the FAA) ... either way, he was the guy who called it in ... the truth is out there!!!
Comment 07 Jul 2020

Another little know fact ... Kurt Russell was the pilot who reported the “Phoenix Lights” UFO incident to the FAA ... true story ...

Comment 03 Jul 2020

you would think the "Washington Neutrals" shouldn't offend anyone ... their emblem could be the Swiss flag in burgundy and gold ...

Comment 02 Jul 2020

i got your back bro!  and i hear what your sayin ... i saw foo fighters about 10 years ago and dave grohl wouldn't shut up during the concert... so annoying, and i actually like him, but i want to hear the songs!  i saw colin hay (from men at work) twice several years apart and it was creepy AF!!!  same intros word for word ... same jokes .. same long winded stories.  i guess that is what happens when your library can't fill up a whole concert ...