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Comment 50 minutes ago

There would only be a miss if ND moves him to CB and he dominates, otherwise good luck to the kid to pave his own path.

Comment 20 Jan 2020

While correct, it also appears they have built that site to be something completely different.  Sure we get videos and stuff over here, but they regularly create more content that is not just arguing with trolls, and I truly love both sites the way they are, minus said trolls.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

RIP Koza for sure.  The Man was a 419 legend.  Limaland cannot replace him, although I am gonna back Garrett and assume he will keep it afloat.

Marty Bannister seems to have taken a new job there, I'm all for it!  I like that guy on radio.

That gas station in Dunkirk with the meatloaf sandwiches east of Hardin Northern, I still stop in there from time to time to see what's in those crockpots lol.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

This would be incredible.  Kudos to the Titans taking out the Patriots, but for once in my life I was rooting for the Patriots to win tonight, so we could officially name Coombs the dude by early next week.  Get him on the phone with Holmes, he will realize this is his last chance.  The first go around would have been him, Okudah, and Wade coached by Coombs, so I'm not confused on why he stayed home at that time, with those 2 studs.  Now that he has a chance to possibly do it all over again with essentially the same scenario available with the exception that Okudah is already gone and Coombs will still send you to the league as a possible 1st rounder?  Darnay Holmes would be wise to listen to Michael Thomas and Ryan Day on behalf of our cannot-yet-name Coach that you almost played for from the beginning.... Seems like that Holmes .gif is going to last a lifetime if he is indeed willing to listen to what the Buckeyes can and will do for him in 1 year, let alone his nephew lol... Go Bucks!

Comment 28 Nov 2019

Same here.

The common theme seemed to be that they either got the lead early or were still hanging around in the 3rd before we blew them out, with a couple of exceptions.

I have a feeling they will get out to a lead again early this year, and my panic button has almost disappeared these last 15 years.  The ball don't lie, as they say, Keep Calm and Beat the Wolverines

Comment 27 Nov 2019

OSU being not so sure that they are better offensively might still result in 61 points.  That would be a step back for OSU and a step forward for your defense, to be honest.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

I've definitely heard that Weather is the Great Equalizer in a football game, which drags better teams down a little more towards the lesser team.  We are certainly better, and they are certainly lesser.

I don't see a problem either way though.  We could have thrown it more last weekend and kind of chose not to, ramming the ball down a better D's throat.  If it rains and we can't throw much, we just practiced 36 times last week how to get yards with Dobbins, so they are screwed rain or shine!

But yeah, we're gonna smoke 'em cause we got 'em.  Go Bucks!!