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Comment 18 hours ago

This game was awesome.  Was in Cincinnati at the Reds game the night before, then hopped on 75 N to go home the next morning.  I was in the back seat watching this game on my phone while everyone else was jamming tunes heading home.  I kept interrupting their music to tell them the score and every time they laughed harder lol.  Especially awesome knowing we beat that team twice.

Comment 07 Jul 2020
To answer an inquiry towards the last part of the last thread still asking about Spooner... I think you guys ran him off. He did a lot of awesome shit around here, and now doesn't feel the appreciation anymore bc of a few dumbass unappreciative posters on here... he is not in jail. He has silently told you to... Yep, I'll stop there
Comment 05 Jun 2020

What is the over/under on how many times Troy will be called Will Shipley on campus, and vice/versa?  

Comment 05 Jun 2020

Based on Google, John Ross has the 4.22, which broke Chris Johnson's 4.24 as the record.

EDIT:  I re-read your post, and it looks like you never said Ginn ran that at the NFL combine, which is what I thought you meant at first.  We are good my brother!  Either way, I'm probably in the 6.5 range if I can make it the whole way lol.

Comment 29 May 2020

lol, wasn't that a show on ESPN?  I was just going over it in my head when he said Jamel Dean, and it sounded off to me, so I got out my google skills

Comment 29 May 2020

You keep making posts like this, and soon enough, we will be able to all cut our hands with a knife and welcome you to the wolfpack.

Comment 11 May 2020

That is 500 people that you can just straight up email with an OSU recruiting question and get 500 different answers lol.  I mean if you are bored from the Rona, this is like Crank Yankers but way more legit lol.

Comment 11 May 2020

No problems my man!  Bill has a lot to report back, almost all of the time.  At this point, it is clear he is just looking for the perfect platform to do things his way, and won't settle for anything else.  In the meantime, he needs his thoughts to go out to somebody, and he is happy to give it to us.  And I am happy to lap it up lol.

Comment 11 May 2020, just kindly ask him, he is eating this up!

I sent him an email yesterday, and got 2 today, including the first one I missed, and he even somehow included an apology for the delay lol.  Bill is the best, and yes just ask him to add you, and he will.  And it's great info.

Comment 01 May 2020

I just found it funny that folks still around these parts miss his weird-ass quoting method stuff that he does, and then we have new evidence of why we don't see his posts here anymore, he moved on to Birm, where literally no one posts replies these days, and then out of thin air we get the perfect scenario... Buck 68 vomits on Birm... Birm says I have no damn clue how to make you stop puking, why you gotta puke on me?

Comment 30 Apr 2020

Here's one more for you from yesterday, he just bounces around lol.  And Birm was like WTF?

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