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Comment 28 Nov 2019

Same here.

The common theme seemed to be that they either got the lead early or were still hanging around in the 3rd before we blew them out, with a couple of exceptions.

I have a feeling they will get out to a lead again early this year, and my panic button has almost disappeared these last 15 years.  The ball don't lie, as they say, Keep Calm and Beat the Wolverines

Comment 27 Nov 2019

OSU being not so sure that they are better offensively might still result in 61 points.  That would be a step back for OSU and a step forward for your defense, to be honest.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

I've definitely heard that Weather is the Great Equalizer in a football game, which drags better teams down a little more towards the lesser team.  We are certainly better, and they are certainly lesser.

I don't see a problem either way though.  We could have thrown it more last weekend and kind of chose not to, ramming the ball down a better D's throat.  If it rains and we can't throw much, we just practiced 36 times last week how to get yards with Dobbins, so they are screwed rain or shine!

But yeah, we're gonna smoke 'em cause we got 'em.  Go Bucks!!

Comment 17 Nov 2019

On that note, I have always been a pretty devoted Bud Light drinker.  6-8 months ago some buddies left a 30 rock of Busch Light in my fridge, and I drank them all.  Over time lol.  And have made the switch to Busch Light.*

*With one exception.  On Buckeyes game days, starting this year, I will only drink Coors Light.  The Silver Bullets.  The can matches my Gameday attire.  And so without further explanation, I personally revived the defense this year.  The Silver Bullets are back!  You are all welcome!!

Comment 14 Nov 2019

As recruiting has blown up and gotten so mainstream in the past 15-20 years, eventually we are going to have a guy that covered it for 30 years, retire and write an entire book about stories like this.  I can only dream I guess lol.  I'm hoping Bill Greene is a candidate for that, or someone related to OSU recruiting.

But yes, stories like these would probably be better if these dudes didn't have anything to risk anymore.  Fingers crossed for sure

Comment 06 Nov 2019

1st team since 1900 (1890's Penn, you don't count) to go 14-0, in that magical 2002 season.  Has been done again since.

1st team to win the CFP ever, can't top that.  Especially since we already stole the 1st #4 seed to win it.  Boom!

Under the BCS format which ran from 1998-2013, OSU had the most:

Appearances:  10

Wins (tied with USC): 6

It would make a lot of sense if this Buckeyes teams is also the 1st team to win it as the #1 seed seems like it is just what we are going to do, put our name by that one as well.

Comment 03 Nov 2019

Day covered the spread of -27 in the first quarter, and then worked on actual football, giving the spread right back, with nothing fancy.  It has paid huge dividends.