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Comment 3 hours ago

Last week, we were #1, LSU was #2, and Alabama was #3.  Nothing that happened last week should have changed that right?  The committee was saying that LSU was a slightly better team than Alabama, and Ohio State was better than both of them.

Other than just beating a team they were ranked above, what did LSU do in that game to cause them to jump us?  Nearly give up a 20pt second half lead?  They played a close game with a team the committee judged was worse than them.  Had LSU been #3, and Alabama been #2, I could see them jumping, but as it stands, the committees rankings played out exactly as they expected.  If LSU boat-raced Alabama, I could see it, but sneaking out with a win in a game they led by 20pts?  I'm not convinced.  Unless of course, the committee ACTUALLY thought that Alabama was #1, but couldn't justify it because their schedule has been softer than wet Charmin...  

Of course, none of this matters, as long as we get 1, 2, 3, or 4 by the end of the season, I could care less where we finish.  I just want to get in, and let this fully operational death star loose on America.

Comment 3 hours ago

I answered Testudo, so I'm taking full credit for that "C" this week fellas.

Comment 19 Oct 2019
I don't think there's any way that turnover machine they call an offense in AA goes into a whiteout and beats this PSU defense. Clifford would have to be really REALLY terrible.
Comment 17 Oct 2019

Lynn was a human highlight reel at Harding, but anyone from this area knows with certainty that his character issues were not unsubstantiated.  I'm glad to hear hes gotten his life together, but there was no way of knowing he actually would.  Part of me wanted the Buckeyes to take a shot with this young man, but he was probably better off putting more distance between himself and Warren. 

Comment 14 Oct 2019

Penn St has played 2 defenses with a pulse in Iowa and Pitt.  If either team had any offensive acumen, PSU has 2 losses.  I think tOSU has only speed bumps left on this schedule until The Game.  Wiscy isnt multiple enough to stress our D, and Coach Day already has a gameplan in his head to attack what UW does  defensively.  Add in that the game is at the Shoe?  We good.

Say what you want about scUM, but I lived through the Cooper years, and I will never take that game lightly.  I saw too many near great Buckeye teams lose to that godawful helmet and fight song. scUM is always the most dangerous team left on our schedule, until they finally decide to quit fielding a team.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

Maybe I'm still suffering from PTSD from the Cooper years, but I'll never ever ever count a win over that team until the clock reads all zeros, or we're trotting out the Chuggernaut up by 12 TD's.  I saw some dominant OSU teams fall to scUM teams that didn't belong on the same field, and frankly, this years game scares me more than any in about the last 10 years, 2011 excluded.

I have faith in the staff and players not taking their foot off the gas.  This team feels so much more professional than any of Urbs teams, but my Cooper PTSD prevents me from a false sense of security or bravado where the skunk weasels are concerned.

Comment 03 Sep 2019
I watched a good bit of UC V UCLA on Thursday and I'll say this.... there were plays to be had by UCLAs offense (especially downfield) that failed because of poor quarterback play. UCLA also seemed to be able to pressure with 4. If both these things are true as i remember seeing it, we should be in the driver's seat by Q2 and not looking back. It could also be true that Coach Fick was playing things close to the (sweater) vest last week and will open things up on Saturday. Either way, UC didn't impress me much on Thursday, and my gut tells me we should handle them just fine.
Comment 16 Aug 2019

I have UC and its pretty awful.  I watch my diet, I exercise, I try to sleep enough, and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference.  You can do everything exactly the way your gastro tells you to, and you're STILL gonna periodically end up in the hospital with a flare up.

I've been lucky to identify the worst of my triggers (iceberg lettuce...go figure) and the medication I'm on has kept my symptoms manageable, but its still horrific.  I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone.  Hopefully that young man finds his way, but I find it incredibly difficult to believe he can play football at such a high level while dealing with the effects of this disease.

Comment 09 Aug 2019
UTV! I think they did smart business in the window, but wish they had added a goal scoring striker at the end. Wes seems like he can control the middle, and the Jota/Guilbert wing looked dangerous in the preseason. Im just afraid goals will be at a premium, and playing Deans attacking style will leave us susceptible to counters. We'll have an opportunity to find out how well we stack up opening at Spurs on Saturday. I absolutely cannot wait.
Comment 09 Sep 2018
LJ Scott looks heavy and slow. I can't tell if MSU front seven is really good, or ASU offensive line is really bad.
Comment 15 Jan 2018
You're probably right. Bell will get tagged again next year, skip training camp, and yinzers will cry...I love the Steelers but dealing with our idiotic fan base is exhausting.