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Comment 24 Sep 2020

I skipped Ramzy's value situational pick so soon to be the Widow Jane Oak and Apple Wood Aged bottle. Before that was Wilderness Trail Black Label.

Comment 22 Sep 2020

It's probably out of scope for 11w writers, but I'm legitimately curious about the insurance coverage situation. It seems odd that a football player would end up in a situation where they have to crowdsource 100k worth of out of pocket medical expenses. Presumably, football players have the same student insurance coverage, and the specific procedure wasn't covered?

Given the number of OSU compliance people that had to sign off, we can safely discount any fraud issues, etc.

Comment 18 Sep 2020

They also have to build schedules for all other fall sports, not just football. The testing and new protocols, etc. apply to all student-athletes (the facade of amateurism has to be maintained).

Comment 17 Sep 2020

Yeah, I think there's a more persuasive case to be made for internal power struggles around the role of football and amateurism within and across Big Ten schools. The other interpretations of the decision being "political" make little to no sense, and aren't internally consistent or falsifiable.