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Comment 04 Jul 2019

That's good to hear, but everyone from a warm part of the country "loves being in the cold" until it's time to walk to class in the snow at 7:30 a.m. in -10 degree wind chill. I had Georgia blood in me, I know how it goes – It gets old really quick.

Regardless, I'm happy he's ready to play in the cold. I know everyone uses Ohio's climate against the Buckeyes on the recruiting trail, but that's always confused me because there seems like one really simple rebuttal to that: "Oh, so you don't plan on playing in the NFL, where half the games are played outside in cold weather?"

It's morning and it already feels miserable. Bring on the cold.

Comment 04 May 2019


The 5/1 version was uploaded to SoundCloud (

Comment 02 May 2019

Yep, that happened last week. This week there was a new show ( but the old episode still got uploaded.