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  • SPORTS MOMENT: WIDE RIGHT. Because it sucked so hard, and I was 12, and I was able to accept any sporting dissapointment from there on out.
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Comment 20 Oct 2012
As a "better this than music" sports radio listener, I was pleasantly surprised that the Common Man & the Cowboy (Krenzel) show I heard this week was informative, cohesive, and devoid of stupid voices. If they could keep that going, I'd be happy, although ENT providers might take a hit, since bleeding ears would probably decrease by 60% in Franklin County. Hope Hyde can continue to manhandle without Boren at FB.
Comment 15 Oct 2012

I had no idea I was so loud and obnoxious until 5:40.  And that I could prophesie Boren playing LB the following week.

Comment 03 Aug 2011

If nothing else, its an excellent reflection on why Ohio State is so great.  Its OSU against the world.  In football, in education, in friends, just like its going to be in life.  For the vast majority, we alumni have carved out our own piece of the pie, are self-made, and when things get bad, we figure it out.  The values of the midwest, corny and rockwell-esque as they are, are clearly maintained through the general feel of the program. 

This is true across the B1G, where we support our fellow programs, but are not as rabid an SEC team is about the SEC.  We are not invested in Michigan.  They're our rivals.  When they lose, good, and for the remainder of the year, we think about beating them again. 

SEC rivalries, as best I can tell, are important the week they're played, and afterwards, there will be 51 weeks where bringing up the Saban bowl is laughable.

Maybe thats over the top, almost to the point of small-scale xenophobia.  But if you're Ohio State, nobody's helping you, everybody resents you, and you have to plow the damn field yourself.

Comment 01 Aug 2011

Actually, I come specifically for the ramblings.  I go to twitter for news.  So does Coolio.

Comment 28 Jul 2011

I wonder when the "who's got the bigger dick" fight between the NCAA and CFB will end.  Probably never.

Funny post. I didn't equate TP to Bill Brasky until now.