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Comment 08 Aug 2019

There is another issue - OSU (and all other universities) hold the keys to the kingdom, i.e. press passes.  11W could investigate other places but it won’t kill the golden goose which is access to the program.

Comment 08 Aug 2019

IIRC, Dan Dierdorf went to the formerly named Glenwood High School.   There were two schools in the area:  Glenwood and Oakwood which then merged into GlenOak......after I moved from North Canton many years ago.  At least that is how I think it happened.

This is correct.  My dad was in school with DD at the time.  

Brian getting hurt his senior year was disappointing.  His brother, Mike, was QB and that Glenoak team was quite good.  Instead, McKinley beat them in Fawcett Stadium in the playoffs as the away team.  McKinley went on to play for the state championship against Kerry Coombs and Colerain.  Easily could have been Glenoak had Brian been healthy. 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

I snuck a peak at the Michigan State game and it looks like Day has chosen to run the Urban/JT Barrett offense.  I was promised bombs and I want some bombs, dammit!

Comment 13 Jul 2019

Heir apparent until he did stupid hand signals with the mizzou QB.  Friggin’ MIZZOU!

Heir apparent until he tipped off the Austin media about Zach Smith and ended up getting Urban in deep shit.  All over losing a recruit.  That’s pretty petty shit right there.

Heir apparent until all the weird stories started coming out about his psycho wife.  She was calling Bucknuts reporters while drunk because they wrote some mean words about her hubby.

You act as if the fan base simply turned on him bc he left to continue his career track to HC, but a lot of fans wanted to see him succeed just like a lot want to see Burrow do well in Baton Rouge.  But Titty bar Tom threw OSU under the bus. 

Yep, the fans are clearly the ones with the problem here.

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Pretty safe to these guys (Bijan and Lathan) are silents already.  Prepare your booms!

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Yes, that is how I understand the case.  This was not the mods, but JFP's response to a few new premium members.  Didn't mean to imply that, was simply lumping that into what I view as recent changes stifling the enjoyment that was these boards.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Because it’s not a terrible thing to type and Hove dropped the F bomb, both of which were overreactions.