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Comment 28 Dec 2019

Fumble at the goal line and another fumble.  That game was setting up to be 28 or 35-0 at the half until fields put it on the carpet.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

So TigerNet linked to this thread and used it as evidence that JF was limping and gimpy.  Typical pussy fans wearing their orange colored glasses.

Will be funny tonight when he runs for 50 and two TDS.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Is the stripe on PSUs helmet their shade of blue or is it black?  I always thought it was blue but on tv today it looks black?

Guess I’m ignorant since they’re not our rival.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

Furthermore, the young guns got a lot of run this year because we were in control of so many games.  Will the defensive backfield take a step back next year?  Sure.  Will it be awful?  I highly doubt that.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

I'm curious what your criteria is for "developed as hoped" or exceeding expectations?  Did you want these guys to supplant Okudah, Wade, or Arnette?  Did you want the coaches to talk about them more in interviews?  More blocked punts by them, more tackles on special teams?  Or maybe you're sitting in on position meetings and you have first hand knowledge that they're not developing as hoped.

No one even heard about the elder Hooker until he made some stupendous plays against BG.  Fact is none of the people on that list were going to bump the four DBs out of their spots this year, and for you to claim some of these guys are busts is ludicrous.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

They take these types of photos on visits to the school.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

Called out three separate times at that.  It didn't take a genius to see where that thread was going.  props to the mods for squashing that thread when they did.