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Comment 22 Jun 2020
"Ma'am, 6 feet! 6 feet... and it better be the best 6 feet of your f'n life! We're trying to get through the line like champions and you're taking a safety break?! A safety break! You're worse than a kicker!" #Gokrogeringtoshoplikeachampionandstay6feetaparttonotdielikealoseralsowhileimonthesubjectireallywantyoualltoknowthatitrulypraythatyouallarelivingyourbestlivesandenjoyingyoursummer #GoBucks #BOOM
Comment 12 May 2020
I read the title like a 4 touchdown champ, then quit on the article like Noah Brown did the rest of that season. Also, because I read the headline so well, I've decided I'm too good to read articles for free and have chosen to go pro at reading articles... Sorry, I couldn't help it. He truly needed another year to develop and apparently I need to get over it still. lol
Comment 02 May 2020
That's 52 kids drafted in 6 years. If every year we had 22 kids start (the majority of the season starters) only 1 season the overall total kids that started would be 132 kids. Making for 39.4% of starters getting drafted. But we all know that a decent chunk of kids start multiple years. Without looking at the data, if that was even 50%, then there were only a pool of 99 kids that were the main starting players during those 6 seasons. Meaning an estimated 52.5% of our starters go on to be drafted in the NFL. Point is, give the coaches a reason for you to start and your odds of making the NFL is better than a coin flip. We're spoiled as fans.