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Comment 05 Jan 2020
It may be the term "addresses" that implied these are "problem" areas. Fields made very good decisions with few exceptions. He regularly progressed to his 3 and 4s, and his down field throws typically led his receivers or were purposeful back shoulder throws. Sure a few shoulder shakes or more experience with Read-option and RPOs won't hurt, but you have to know he was being instructed to give more than take because the QB room was shallow. After the year we just had and the quality of play, its laughable that we have any fans with a list of grievances. Lol. Take it a little less serious, recline in that chair and rest a bit coach.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
They WERE writing their opinions on the internet and are surely going to continue. Ha -Signed, Someone Who Doesn't English Much #GoBucks... P.S. I know there's supposed to be a space between Go and Bucks, but... The internet.
Comment 23 Dec 2019
Imagine having a 13 game preseason and a 2 game season. Mark my words, Clemson is fresh. For example, Etienne has only rushed the ball 17 or fewer times a game this season, 8 have been 14 or less. I think the Bucks win this one, but it'll be an all time classic. I'm hoping for another OSU v Alabama. JK shows up big and Fields stretches the field with his arm. D plays physical and fast with linebackers playing downhill knowing the wrs are pasted in coverage. Bucks win 38-34