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Comment 13 Oct 2019

Ohio State has a long road ahead yet, and I think all this foregone conclusion that OSU is in the playoffs as an undefeated team is REALY premature. 

Agree strongly with this.  B1G has some tough outs.  Wisconsin is looking strong.  Penn State playing great defense.  ttun Game is always throw out the records.   

One game at a time.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

And for those grumbling about our offense last night we left 6-10 points on the field. Our kicker's miss and VIctor dropping a wide open pass that would have been 6 or at least a long play inside the 20. Also that penalty on Browning on Fuller's Pick-6 was one of the biggest bullshit calls I have ever seen. We very easily could have won 51-10.

A touchdown on each of the first two turnovers, and on the INT return, would have made the score a lot different. 

To think that it could have been that way is very reasonable.  

Comment 26 Sep 2019

“The history of Ironton football runs deep,” Carrico says as he raises his left hand and scans across the state title and runner-up banners hanging from the rafters. “This is the most traditional football program in the southern part of Ohio, probably. Definitely the southeast part of Ohio.

Ironton High School used to play in the old COL. Upper Arlington was a member of that league.

I know they played Pickerington North there in Ironton at least once.

Tanks Stadium is named for the Ironton Tanks. Wiki article linked here is well worth the read.

Young Mr. Carrico does well to appreciate the football tradition of Ironton, which indeed runs deep.