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Comment 15 hours ago

Oklahoma earned the victory.

Whether one thinks that planting the flag showed a lack of class or not.

I personally would not have done it, but I can't fault Mayfield for doing it.  It wouldn't have happened if Ohio State had won the game.

How someone conducts themselves in victory shows just as much about their character as how they conduct themselves in defeat. 

That is all.

Comment 11 Aug 2019

I have enjoyed every installment Matt. 

First thing I look for when going to 11W. If not in Latest in the Forum list, I go to Forum to find. 


Comment 10 Aug 2019

Thanks Matt. I love this series, it’s the first thing I go to everyday when I log on. Thank you for all the hard work you have done to bring this to us. 

I agree with this statement.  

Comment 08 Aug 2019

"No one expects this team to take a step back because Urban Meyer left. They showed how good they can be without him. Expect that level of execution from the three-game suspension period. They weren't a different team in terms of what they called — they called the exact same stuff later on — but they had energy. Ryan (Day) was already evolving the play calling before he got the head job."
"They're really just two hiccups away from the Playoff these last two years, Purdue and Iowa. Those two games are the difference for them making the Playoff back to back."
"Defensively, they were good up front, but they didn't have the secondary play last year that you expect from OSU. There's no Marcus Lattimore. There's no Eli Apple. It's a position that's hurt them again and again. The linebacker play is still good but not exceptional. They don't have anyone who can run and close on coverage like a Ryan Shazier. Teams got more and more confident that if you blocked well up front, you could hit them hard downfield. That's what Purdue did." 
"They're an exceptional offense. When you have a good quarterback and running back, that much speed across the field is impossible to account for. It's not even just downfield speed, it was all the little small routes, too."
"They’re not going to miss a beat after Urban, that’s why they hired the guy already in the program."

It is rare that one player makes a difference in football, but the loss of Nick Bosa did just that.

The balance of the defense was affected all season after that.

None of these coaches agree, apparently, because Bosa is not mentioned.

Adjustments have been made in many areas for this year.

Let the games begin...

Comment 05 Aug 2019

Trapasso actually at one point was in the depth chart at RB for Jim Tressel at Ohio State due to attrition from injury. 

AJ was a stud RB in high school.  

Comment 05 Aug 2019

Not going to point out that two of the names above chose poorly when it came to selecting a college

Caris LaVert was not recruited by Ohio State.  He had actually accepted a scholarship to Ohio Universtiry but when the Tigers won the D1 Basketball Championship, ttun took a flyer on him. 

Comment 31 Jul 2019

faster than Haskins

Haskins didn't need a lot of speed with his throwing ability.

Having said that, I suspect that there are many who as faster than Haskins though. 

Comment 29 Jul 2019

state finals in 1987

I went to that game. Yes, it was competitive up until halftime. 

Played in The Shoe on the old turf.

The Generals had the moniker Children of the Corn that year.