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Comment 16 Jun 2020

if you care about their money or their social standing or their opinions then you really are not in it for the sport anyway. you are already in it for the drama and social aspects that come with their celebrity which by the way creates and enhances their celebrity.

I have but one program i follow for more reasons than the outcome of a game and that's the Buckeyes because its who i am. All the other games is more what i do and not who i am so i could care less about anything that does not happen between the lines.

Comment 12 Jun 2020

It will even back up sometime but never because OSU took the game lightly or got cocky.  TOSU respects the game even if they dont respect the individuals line up across from them.  If you are talking about one win in any given season, yes it can happen but i think our guys put the proper amount of emphasis on what OSU VS MI actually means to all of us an that combines with the talent and coaching coming through here, i just dont see any way Michigan can turn the tables and become the better program.

Comment 20 May 2020

without changing the question or opening up a discussion of who is a better fit or who shouldnt be in the big 10, IF we where in the market for two teams and those two teams where a package deal --YES all day long.

Comment 11 May 2020

everyone else's highlight days feature some eventual win against the Bucks. i have enjoyed re-living many past games and seasons. I would rather watch some of the games ive already seen than many of the lesser quality events featured live.

Comment 11 May 2020

We quickly move on to real time action but its been nice to see some of the old time programming replayed during this break. Some that  i enjoyed the most have been tigers winning the series in 68 and 84, some of the bad boys basketball games. Bobby Orr, John Mc Enroe, Some old Rose Bowls, The 97 Tribe, Gallarragas perfect game get taken away, the old NFL Championship games.  We have a plethora of history to entertain us when we are not able to live in the moment and i am thankful for that.

Comment 07 May 2020

Nugent banging in a 54 yarder to keep us from an embarrassing blemish that would  have taken some of the joy out of Toledo beating PSU, App state beating Michigan, Northern Il beating Bama and Memphis beating USC

Comment 24 Apr 2020

i dont think its a snub at all.  people think the Rb has limited value any more but thats really not the case. 1st contract running backs are excellent value and of course high need. After 3 seasons of getting thumped and earning a raise, they are then compared to the next batch of incoming talent and that's where their value drops, but guys who can contribute in those first three years are extremely valuable. No one is passing up a good running back simply because anyone can do it.  Limited shelf life for sure but limited value, no not at all. I would think round one talents need to be counted on to be around for contract two and that does take away some first round priority but running backs who appear to be a lock for that are just as valued as any other position of need. They just happen to be a little more rare than JK Dobbins but he will have a chance to prove them wrong.

Comment 21 Apr 2020

a Nazi would put your dog down in healthy condition or even worse, make him live in a very poor condition.

When you got those dogs you committed to a lifetime of love, protection and security. You have honored that commitment but keeping them around to satisfy only your feelings of regret, guilt or loneliness would be a far more selfish move than releasing them to eternity.

Do your job as they have done theirs, mourn hard, mourn fast and share your love with another Dog or person who needs it while you still can.

Comment 20 Apr 2020

Hold on to your hat then............HE ONCE FUMBLED 2 TIMES AT THE GOAL LINE IN THE SAME GAME!

We all have our El Guapos --Even Eddie.

Comment 20 Apr 2020

Love the story.  Never forget though that this same scenario plays out with any Rudy type walk on and any no name third teamer as well as every band member and graduating senior.  The Shoe is a SPECIAL PLACE and the stories of those who would not want another Fall Saturday to experience what these guys do for 4 seasons are few and far between.  Yes Eddie has always been a special person in a special place but we all need to appreciate what we have and all the folks who built it and maintain it.  You guys may have overlooked  the 1000s of other examples on display of our graduates, our Athletes and our Donors, Fans and Citizens of how important OSU football is to all of us and its not just the ass-whooping they dole out weekly. Just as you yourself did not want to leave when there was still more to be experienced long after the game was over, so do do The Eddies of the world and most fans as fortunate us us. 

Comment 20 Apr 2020

7 coaches in 68 years and two of them were only 1 year coaches up to now and the worse you can come up with is a 715 winning percentage.  (excluding Luke) #ohiostateknowsfootball

My list..   Woody--for way more than coaching

                Urban---Never thought i would put another OSU coach above Tress but on the field alone Urban is the best PERIOD. one advantage he has over the others is that OSU was at his time committed to domination, He didnt have to build anything and the university spared no expense

              JT -I dont care what Kirk Says, I would want my kid to play for this man.

              Earl - Kept OSU where they should have been, not more, not less

              John- Opened up national recruiting but in the world of there is mush more to running a football team than W and L, I never felt Like John was a players coach or a university man. No i dont know him and i am probably wrong and i hope i am but John did not endear himself to many Bucks fans the way the other have and if woody could through all his faults, John Could have done better.

All this said, They and a few others where excellent ball coaches and Ryan Will likely be too.

Comment 20 Apr 2020

Guy who's careers proved they where drafted too low.

Cris,  Pepper, Pete Jonson, John Frank ,Dick Lebeau, Chris Carter  Jim Marshal, Jim Otis, Doug Plank, Nick Bonoumici, Tom Tupa, Roger Harper, Cesar Tovar, Mike Vrable, Matt Wilhelm, Rob Simms, Curt Coleman. 

Hubbard, Samuel and Campbell  will probably get on this list eventually.

Comment 14 Apr 2020

Dolomite was horrible. I just know Eddie can be funnier than that.  I watched every comedy special available. Re-watched my go to, Trailer Park Boys from start to finish and found one i must have missed over the years named Alpa Dog. Kinda tough watching all them young and nearly naked folks but i love a true story and this one was indeed stranger than fiction.  Of all i watched if i had to recommend one to anyone it would be Highway Men. good true story and very well done.

Comment 14 Apr 2020

The secret to longevity is avoiding all the things out there tryna kill ya. The secret to sanity is doing it with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

I have log lived by a simply adage, Treat yourself to something every day, do something for  someone else every day and do something to make tomorrow easier every day, all the while knowing that it may not come. Do so thankfully and joyously.

Comment 09 Mar 2020

i always touted KFC as the gold standard and better than my mothers. That said, you do stand a good chance of a poor quality piece or two when you go there depending on the time, the workers and your order.  They go through too much chicken to make each piece just for you and my first Popeyes sandwich was just that . hot, fresh and just out of the fryer.  100 out of 100.  This was at an I75 exit in the burbs so it was clean, safe and with normal clientele.  At home, i eat anything and have a iron constitution but i have always feared eating chicken or seafood at what i suspect is a less than sterile envoirnment.

Comment 02 Mar 2020

We once went 14 years between Big 10 championships

Michigan has just completed number 15 

The best part?           It happened to us 100 years ago and its happening to them NOW.

Comment 18 Feb 2020

i know its a lot of speculation and i believe he will be a fantastic tight end.   We got a line backer coming in next year thats going to rival some of our other all time greats. I see him  having a very early opportunity to play with the departure of Werner and Tuf.  Let Cade get his feet wet at tight end this year and contribute in 2021 and beyond.  I believe Cade outgrew his natural position so if all parties feel he will be a better TE than DE, Bring it on.