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Comment 6 hours ago
They're not misleading at all unless you let them lead you to the conclusion that the person with the records is better than many with out them somebody has to be on top of every statistic and they're usually very good players as was Archie as is this Wisconsin guy but the order of greatness does not simply follow the order of statistics
Comment 14 Nov 2019

i hate the love fest with Bama, Georgia and the SEC and i dont think they should be given the BOD when it comes to the final four.  HOWEVER, Someone needs to step up and take this BOD from them and frankly no one else has.   I think Minni and Baylor have the opportunity of a lifetime in front of them but i also feel they will blow it. As for anyone else. Really we would be doubting and debating anyone else fortunate enough to be in spots 4, 5 and 6 right now. If you are anyone else than OSU, Clemmy and LSU right now, everyone else looks like a misfit  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Oh i wont be mad either, wont lose any of the sleep i already aint getting enough of either. LSU deserves every ounce of credit they get but just because an inferior team chalks up a win against another inferior team does not mean they are now better than a superior team. Now, how do i know who the superior team is? Well, this committee told me that LAST WEEK before they improved on that thought.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

if LSU jumps us now, it will tell me that the committee is doing things to appease people and networks. They would have had a plan all along to move the BAMA/LSU winner up just as they figured PSU over Clemmy was a safe bet knowing that it too would have to change after our game. I can not tell you if LSU is better or more deserving but these are the same people that actually did that. Changing now would point out their own contrived inconsistency.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Personally i think we stay number one for the very same reason we started number 1.  The committee pays attention to statistical dominance and we improved on that metric while both LSU and Bama simply proved that if they played again Bama would have the same probability of winning that they had going into Saturday.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

i am trying to resolve a statistical issue myself. 

What is more impressive? Our average halftime scoring margin being 27 points when  already rotating first and second team players or our second half scoring margin of 15 points when the benches are cleared and the urgency is gone. 

Comment 10 Nov 2019
Vastly? That hyperbolic lil prick. They could very well be minutely overrated but if he actually said is vastly overratedand means he knows absolutely nothing about college football. In fact sounds like some of our posters here. Everyone sucks they suck. I only have two teams in my top 10 cuz everyone sucks. Reasonable conversation and reasonable thought is rare these days
Comment 09 Nov 2019
The best four are osi lsu clmy and bama I am tired of bama getting the benifit of doubt. LSU should not have to go to the conf chpionship game to get somewhere Alabama gets to go to without it and without playing anyone else worth a shite
Comment 07 Nov 2019
1 criteria I haven't heard yet this year is game control you could not possibly control every game on your schedule better than we have. Average halftime score 30 to 4. Look LSU may very well be better than Ohio State. But there is not one stat or one quantifiable measurement that proves that at this point so if you can't respect the committee's decision at this point you're just an argumentative windbag.
Comment 07 Nov 2019
His comment about that's what I don't like about the way we select a champion is just whiny baby stuff. What's not to like if you're an LSU fan you're in if you're an OSU fan you're also in. If you're a fan of expansion then consider November as a playoff and we won't have to worry about Joel klatt and Danny kanell jockeying for position in case the need to overcome a late-season loss arises.
Comment 05 Nov 2019
I think our basement is 5 losses based on our schedule and the tradition that is tOsu. So that's 7-5, Glenn is good enough to get us to 9-3. Throw in an occasional 10-2.. Not tress not urbs but Glen would have been ok if those 10-2s came early enough
Comment 01 Nov 2019

Stats are based on what did happen and not on what will happen. i will wait for the facts to come out,

Comment 30 Oct 2019
I think LSU is a little bit over respected and I think Clemson is a little bit under respected. As for rated it's hard to tell . All the undefeated teams minus SMU and Minnesota could have a claim to a top spot at this point. Of course I feel like OSU is the best of the lot. But that doesn't mean that they couldn't get beat by one of the others
Comment 30 Oct 2019
If we're any better on defense would be against the law. I wouldn't change a thing if both bosa Brothers came back.. chemistry is a strange thing and this team has it in spades