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Comment 18 Jun 2019

Living as a Catholic Schoolboy in Toledo, you had a decision to make.  Toledo was in the midst of a 35 game winning streak, OSU was coming off a NC and Both Michigan and ND had a huge presence everywhere you turned. You got 2 games a week on TV back then and most football fans watched both and then all the College football replays and scoreboard shows they could find.  Gramps would not allow company when ND was on but if the Buckeyes or Wolverines where on i could go  sit and watch football on his always new colored TV.   The first i remember was the Buckeyes trouncing Northwestern and Rex Kern and John Brockington hooked me as well as the pageantry that comes with watching OSU football.  I can remember watching the Rose Bowl and other significant games over the next few years at the homes of others or in the presence of others who vehemently hated Coach Hayes and his troops and it came time to become as much a fan for my team as i saw others being for theirs and join in. I was not much of a student but i learned to read through the Sunday sport section and i learned math by the Baseball standings and Sunday Stats page . Sports was everything to me then.  I have never hated Michigan or ND because i was raised on them and they where the kind of competition one based their own success on, Instead i developed a respectful dislike for their followers and learned to fight fire with fire in the smack talk department. My choice has given me much to be thankful of and i never had a prouder day then my Daughter receiving her sheepskin from TOSU. To this day there are two songs i can count on bringing a tear to my eye. One is Sachmo singing What a wonderful world and the other is Carmen Ohio.

Comment 14 May 2019

OSU has been the most consistent powerhouse in football since Michigan and ND turned average may moons ago.

Oklahoma and Bama have been almost as consistent but have had higher peaks or greater stretches of dominance yet both have also had lower valleys 

The others have either been consistent winners on a lesser level, or had huge success for stretches before most of us were children.

Comment 14 May 2019

I would like to think that if i had Haskins money, i would still have no need for a Bentley or a mansion but the fact that DH does, will make little difference on Sundays.  You can be rich and successful, you can be humble and still like quality.  There is a deep separation between the fantasy lives our Athletes live and what we mere mortals think we would do with a few extra dollars. DH's story will be written by the good he does on the field and off over the course of the rest of his life.  He has an opportunity to make fans happy and make dreams come true for not only himself but those he loves and ideas he holds dear. This writer may think he has a point but until he too wins the lottery, he has no idea what he would be tempted to do. His days of playing football for free are behind him and critics will have a field day with this purchase if he is just average but his future success on the field will have little to do with the car he drives and the guys who pay him and line up with him know that even if this writer does not.

Comment 23 Apr 2019

17 times a game in actuality but that's 8 times more per game than OSU thew. Plus.i see that over 25 of the OSU throws i counted were by back ups or halfbacks. I did find out that during this time period the IOWA QB Gary Snook tossed  631 passes. Now for the 1950's that was off the hook.

Comment 23 Apr 2019

Hank and Len where quite a team on two different levels

Len would have hated OSU as he thew 452 times in 3 years at Purdue, Interestingly when he would have been a soph in 54 Woody opened up the passing attack to throw 114 times but he only threw it 72 times each of the next two years.

Perhaps teaming Len and Hop together would have changed Woodys perspective for years to come.

Comment 22 Apr 2019

they way i read it, you needed to have a little extra something something to be here while black back then. Not that all black players are fast or whites are slow but John said he didnt have any slow blacks that he knew of. 

That said, plenty of white dominated rosters have beaten us in the past and i would bet my bottom dollar we would crush jackson state or grambling. That year We had a crappy team for a lot of reasons.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Because he can.  Good luck to him. Fair or unfair, like it, hate it who cares. Someone is still going to win on Saturday and someone is still going to lose on Saturday.  Its a different world now but some change or another has happened every year many times over.  In light of footballs and societies greater issues, this does not even register as a slight problem to me. I dont need it explained to me and venturing a guess is just venturing a guess.  Bucks will be fine. 

Comment 08 Apr 2019

he is not wrong yet but he would not admit it if he was. he will twist the whole story into how he was smarter than everyone else.  Dude doubles down on his opinions long after they have been exposed as idiotic.  Its his job and if his boss likes it and his sponsors like it then it works regardless of how accurate it is. I do not prefer his style and i know he would never bet real money on half the crap he spews but his money comes from controversy more so than correctness

Comment 11 Mar 2019


I have never been a undefeated or bust type of fan and ive seen enough upsets to understand that they really are not upsets as much as they are the norm to each and every teams football season. someone who you should beat on paper beats someone who looks great on paper. it takes about 20 years for me to even consider thinking about games like these.  I cant imagine my fandom ever being stronger but Stanford, USC, Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, Iowa, Wisconsin and Purdue have robbed me of what could have been fantastic memories.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

People have lofty expectations for this program and the higher an individuals expectation are, the more unlikely it is to be achieved. i would have to believe that most of the pessimism is hyperbole and bracing ones self for a self inflicted disappointment that is bound to come when your expectations are unrealistic.  this team sucks because they did or probably wont  meet my expectations is common among sports fans but so to is a reflection on actuality afterwards and an understanding that we have it pretty good around here.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

there are so many kids in the US who want to play football and so many place to do it. Be one of the best schools with best  coaches and  best facilities with the best rivalries and most ardent fan base, richest traditions and greatest visibility and kids will get in line to play for you.  Alabama, Nebraska and Oklahoma been playing solid football for generations with very small populations by comparison to many other populated locations who field crappy teams.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Family. Work, Seasons, Access to major markets , Fishing and boating in Lake Erie and the Portage river., Cost of living, Weather, More natives than transplants. My neighborhood and my equally hearty neighbors. Christmas, A warm bowl of soup in Feb. Naked trees blooming and full trees wilting. High School football on a chili Friday night. Cedar Point, Buckeye football and Tigers baseball. But most of all, living my life with all the things i have come accustom to, dependent on and in love with. The peace of mind that comes with not having to chase happiness all the way to California.

The weather here is fantastic, there is something to do in every season and the only part i dont like about our weather is its unpredictability. if can handle any extreme but being able to count on a mild winter or a reasonable rainy season or a certain number of days where the humidity is bearable is not possible. You just never know from season to season what kind of mood that season is going to be in when it gets here until it actually gets here. That said, i do enjoy all the seasons and even 8 inches of snow or two consecutive weeks of 15-20 weather.  Today is by far the exception 

Comment 28 Jan 2019

Can you imagine a team that lost Mike Weber, Nick Bosa, Paris Campbell, Terry Mclaurin, Jonny Dixon, Dwayne Haskins, Malcom Pridgeon, Isiah Prince, Dre'mont Jones, Sean Nurnberger  and Urban Meyer talking about the playoffs the following year.