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Comment 12 Feb 2020

I’m a millennial and still can’t fathom how stupid people from my generation and younger are to record videos themselves doing everything that could come back to haunt them. Not saying “I wish they didn’t film themselves doing what they did so they don’t get caught”, to clarify. It just baffles my mind. 

Comment 29 Dec 2019

What I’m saying is you can control catching a ball that hits both of your hands in the end zone, putting a little more touch on a pass to your receiver making it an easier catch for them, not taking your eye off of the ball on a screen pass to you, not running into the other team’s punter. You control play calling and execution in the red zone, etc. I’m not questioning the effort of the team last night or shitting on the players, and they played well enough to control their own destiny in that game for a decent portion of it. Ultimately though, they shot themselves in the foot a few too many times.  

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Just my opinion, but “completing the full process of the catch” as it relates to TDs only makes sense to me when the receiver is already in the end zone when the catch process begins, not in JKs case when he catches the ball outside of the end zone, gains control of the ball, gets another foot down outside of the end zone as he crosses the plane with possession. Almost like a runner at that point. It’s annoying catches have become so complicated.