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Comment 10 Dec 2014

Relationships take an incredible amount of took me a while to figure that out.

2 things here (and I'm not taking sides without facts): 1. If she did attack him and 2. Not leave when asked + call the cops, then JT may want to peacefully part ways with this girl. My wife has been really pissed at me before but has never laid a hand on me. I think the worst I got was a chicken nugget to the head one time, lol.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

I'm sorry you had to go through and my wife have our battles but if she ever asked for a divorce I would be devastated. I love her more than anything and can't see her not being a part of my life. I hope you find or have found the same.

Go Bucks!

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Our D-line was unbelievable. Wisconsin's O-line is as experienced as it's ever been in recent history...3 redshirt seniors, entire line averages 6'6" 321lbs. And 2-3 of these guys will play on Sunday. Melvin Gordon did not have a 2000+ rushing year without these guys. Our D-line is going to cause a lot of sleepless nights for Kiffin and co.

Go Bucks!

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I think our defense could be the biggest factor in this game.  Bama doesn't have a bunch of offensive weapons at their disposal this year...a good solid run game and a superstar in Amari Cooper but I think our offense is more balanced with more weapons than theirs.  With good game planning and execution, this game is winnable.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Proud fan right here, very proud of this team. This is one of the most rewarding years as a fan and I'm sure as a player that I can remember.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Give Jones the juice and let em' loose. No reason to play conservative...all pressure is off. Call the game to win and win big if possible. Let's go!

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Yes, I agree.  Go back and watch Cardale's high school tape...he can throw the football.  No excuses here, with a plethora of weapons on offense and a defense that's well aware they need to step up against the run game, we should win this game.  Wisconsin is a good, well-coached football team but I don't ever underestimate Urban Meyer and the way he game plans and prepares for big games.  Should be fun!

Comment 22 Nov 2014

I emphatically disagree with you BigBuckBeliever...when you get terrible tweets from a bunch of nimrods after a below average performance it would be easy to let it get in your head. "Bouncing back" simply means Jalin rose up to the challenge and didn't let the "noise" bother him. I think your comment is a little short-sided, he had a terrific game today.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Our quarterback position has been up and down since Troy Smith if you base it solely on QB fundamentals: passing, accuracy, reading defenses etc.  JT is a great talent, but more importantly he understands that the details and mental work are imperative to his position.  If he was 6' 4", NFL scouts would already have this kid high on their boards.