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Comment 15 Jul 2019

Beast, my first thought reading through all this is that we have some amazing people on 11W. You have already received some very sound, thoughtful advice. As a woman, I can confirm that we appreciate confidence and stability. Neediness and desperation don't play well, so working on yourself and finding what makes you tick is key. I believe that if you treat people well, if you surround yourself with friends and family who care about you, if you do something that brings satisfaction at the end the day, then you will be fulfilled, and yes, happy overall. Not all the time, because life has definite ups and downs, but enough. Invite a co-worker to lunch. Visit your folks. Volunteer at Habitat, or be a Reading Buddy. Run a 10k. Just do something fun with a couple of friends on the weekend. It all adds up. At some point you will feel better about yourself and your prospects. You will be comfortable in your own skin. We can smell a fake a mile away, so be yourself. Your best self, but genuine.

I don't know anything about the woman in question, except to say that she wasn't a match. You have been grieving the loss, which is understandable, but at the end of the day, do you want to be with someone who has decided you aren't the one?  Change is hard. It is one of the reasons individuals who are divorced sometimes get back with their exes again and again. It is comfortable, easier, even if they aren't good together. Sounds like you are doing the right things. Work on you. Stay active. Become a better family member. The older you get, the more you will appreciate them. 

Keep us posted. I'm rooting for you.

Comment 20 Feb 2019

All the best, Poppy. Best family, best friends, best care, and best recovery. Prayers going up all over this great nation. 

Comment 03 Dec 2018

This is our life; there's no use in asking what-if. No one could ever give you the answers. I try, I really do, but it's hard for me to accept this way of thinking. I'm always wondering about the what-ifs, about the road not taken.

                                                                                                   Jenny Han,To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Buckeye Pastor is absolutely correct. It's done, but we will still wonder about what could have been. More fans are upset that Nick left than upset that he didn't play. It is none of our business in reality, but this is where people come together to throw out ideas, let off steam, and discuss. Maybe Nick didn't want to deal with class. Perhaps John thought that he'd be safer under Joey's watchful eye. Possibly Joey said, "Cmon bro, it's a chance for us to hang out and we can work together." And maybe there were trainers and doctors in Cali who were trusted. I don't believe that Nick would have given up that 50 million lotto ticket by merely staying, rehabbing and training at OSU. Evidently his dad felt differently. Nick didn't owe us anything, but in my humble opinion, he short-changed his brothers.  I wish him well, though, and hope he gets his big payday.

Comment 02 Nov 2018

Calpoppy, I hate that you and your family have to go through this. You are not alone, though.  Most of us are just internet friends, but I know fellow Dubbers will go that extra mile to have your back. So let us know what we can do to help. Meanwhile, I'm hoping, praying, and believing with you. Beat this thing. 

Comment 11 Oct 2018

Budapest is very cool. Stay at the venerable Hotel Gellert, which is right on the river and built into the mountainside. And make sure you take in the "Communist Haunts" tour. They took us to a typical "family of 4" flat, which looks like something out of an old spy film. The guide spoke of going to her grandmother's on Sundays in the family Trabant, and the car breaking down most weekends. The park of Stalin and Lenin statues was also interesting. When folks were knocking down and destroying monuments back in the late eighties, someone said, "Hey, the tourists would like these." So they hauled them to a location just outside the city and now westerners pay to see a bit of history.

Comment 20 Aug 2018

OldTown, I like your optimism, but I disagree that OSU has handled this well. What have we learned from this experience? Never ever talk to the press about anything other than the x's and o's of football. Just don't. Make certain you don't hire anyone with any personal problems of any kind. They better be saints, because who knows what might come out of the woodwork? Don't try to help someone on your staff. If there are issues, report it to your superiors and consider firing them before the press gets a whiff.  I still do not understand why Ohio State has permitted this to be such a dog and pony show. I get it. Domestic violence is serious, and it is a social/political hot potato right now. But pendulums tend to swing from one extreme to the other, with the result being a mob mentality. I think OSU could have taken a few days, even a week, to determine what actions Coach Meyer took back in 2015. There could have been some quiet conversations about Zach's bad marriage, the calls to the police, etc. If Urban did indeed report allegations of abuse per OSU's protocol,  and he checked out the circumstances to his satisfaction, then he already should have been reinstated.  I'm not going to argue whether keeping Coach Smith on staff showed good judgment, but if every CEO was fired for hiring the wrong person, there probably would be some on OSU's Board of Trustees also on the hot seat.