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Comment 21 Mar 2019

No, I don't think we will lean on Charbonnet this year, although he may emerge during the season.  I think Christian Turner will be pretty good.  But in 19 it is all going to lean on our passing game.  Good thing, too.  Obviously, we have questions going into next year.  It's just nice not to be having the same old answers.

Comment 21 Mar 2019

We have some players who don't fit a spread well, but our receivers are not among them.  Putting Peoples-Jones in the slot, with Black and Collins as WRs will work just fine in a spread attack.  Shea will function better in a spread, too.

Comment 21 Mar 2019

He definitely won't abandon the run.  But, then, neither did Bama last year.  If we go from 60/40 run to 55/45 pass, it will make a big difference, especially if we typically throw on first down.  And adding tempo brings a big weapon, as Buckeye fans should well know.

Comment 21 Mar 2019

That is a reasonable comment.  But Harbaugh is a hyper-competetive guy and his old way was just not working.  All the info coming from inside the program says that Harbaugh has turned over the keys.  We'll have to see how Gattis handles the increased responsibility and how his play-calling is.  But for Michigan fans, it is nice to see us no longer yielding a schematic advantage to the other team.  Tempo is a huge part of today's arsenal and we need to get the ball to our best play-makers.

Comment 24 Aug 2018

First of all, I am personally glad that Meyer was not dismissed because I look forward to Harbaugh beating him on the field (which is bound to happen soon).  But, seriously people, even the most rabid fans surely cannot make Meyer and Smith out to be heroes in this terrible situation.  Unless the facts are simply wrong, in which case that should be argued.  But the investigative report made claims that are indefensible.  At a minimum, Meyer kept a known spouse abuser on his staff (an incompetent one, too -- we're going to miss him!), failed to intervene even when his wife had pictures of the beaten woman on her phone (please do not argue that she didn't tell her husband), lied about the whole situation even after his AD texted him to remind him not to lie, immediately sought to delete the records on his cell phone, and then showed not the least bit of compassion for the woman when giving his statement of non-apology.  I know there are questions about the reporter's motives and that you are rallying around your beloved coach.  But, really, do you have to celebrate his behavior?  I am going to enjoy the upcoming months of media abuse piled onto your program by virtually everyone else in our society, though it is sad to see how your collective arrogance brings disgrace to our conference and beloved sport.  Now, let your abuse commence.  But unless the facts are wrong, it will accomplish nothing other than to embarrass the very notion of being a sports fan.