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Comment 27 Sep 2018

One additional note...  I moved here the year after we played in the Fiesta bowl.  From what I understand there was a very heated exchange between the OSU Alumni club and some Texas fans at the game watch.  Apparently, it was bad enough for the Alumni clob to move the game watch to a new location.

I didn't see that first hand though.

Comment 27 Sep 2018

I live in Austin. For the most part people have been pretty decent even during the tatgate and ZS scandals. Occasionally I will run into a UT fan with an attitude but rarely excessive. There was one dude who said he went to the game at the shoe and claimed he personally experienced all of the various things Ohio State fans were accused of. Then he went on to tell me that he had inside knowledge that the UT athletic depart was never going to schedule Ohio State again. He was not amused when I showed him that we already had upcoming games scheduled. He tried to play it off as UT throwing OSU a bone and eventually left in a huff.

I also get text messages from people that claim not to care every time something bad happens to Ohio State.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

Best advice is to just unplug from sports media for a day or two.  At this point, everyone's position is pretty much set in stone.  It doesn't serve any purpose to get caught up in another outrage cycle. 

Comment 01 Aug 2018

I think Urban can point to how he handled the Carlos Hyde and Storm Klein situations to show that he has taken violence against women seriously at Ohio State.  He can make a legitimate case that he knew there were problems but didn't realize the scope of the problems. 

Comment 01 Aug 2018

Courtney Smith absolutely is the victim here. Period.  Courtney Smith said she believes Urban Meyer knew.  How can anyone prove or disprove a belief.  

I keep seeing people saying what she should have done...

Folks, she went to the police, her family, his family, their friends, and the courts and it still took a reporter's involvement to bring everything into the light.  Back in 2009 people seemed more concerned about how this situation would affect Zach Smith.  Now it seems people are more concerned about how this situation will affect Urban Meyer. 

Comment 01 Aug 2018

Did I miss something?  Did Courtney ask for money or sue Urban or the University or something?  I see comments referring to how much money OSU and Urban have but I don't see anything about her actually going after any of it.  Maybe that comes down the road but I think it is a bit early to label this as a "cash grab". 

Like others have said, there is a lot of victim blaming going on here.  The reactions I am seeing on this thread fit in with many of the reasons that victims of abuse give for not coming forward. 

Comment 31 Jul 2018

Honestly, I would rather see him improve his quickness over his strength.  Hitting that 255 mark would help out quite a bit.  Both Wesson and Potter would go a long way towards staying on the court if they could improve their lateral quickness.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

It feels like half of the people in North Austin are from the midwest and are more than familiar with the Snow.  On my small street there are alums from Ohio State, Hannover, Indiana, Purdue, and Michigan State.  

Even so, the roads are scary in any snow/ice situation because the native Texans do struggle with the slippery conditions.  To be fair, we get that kind of weather maybe once a year. 

Comment 25 Jan 2017

Do you post anything besides bitching at other OSU fans?  Honestly.Do you post anything besides bitching at other OSU fans?  Honestly.

I cant speak for CincyOSU's other posts but I happen to agree with this one.