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Comment 29 Jun 2015

IMO, Elliott winning the Heisman is a function of which OSU quarterback is starter for most of the season. With Miller at the helm you can expect Braxton to get more runs, thus limiting EZE's carries. With J.T. at the helm you can expect a greater pass distribution, thus limiting EZE's carries. I think Elliott only wins the Heisman if Dolodale is the Q-back.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

I am excited to see the spread in action on Saturday. If JT can read defenses quickly and find the open receiver it'll be lights out. We have real horses at RB in Rod Smith and EzE to balance the pass. On top of that, we have a great D-line and improved secondary. Gonna be a great season!

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Sorry, Mr. Green. If that,s High St, Woodruff or 17th across the street from Ohio Field the houses are long gone.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Since Dantonio was DC on Tressel's NC team, it doesn't seem a slight to Meyer. In addition, Dantonio's strategy employs much of what he learned from Tressel during his years on the Buckeye staff.

Comment 12 Jun 2014

RE: Lamplighter. I completely agree.  Paul Brown built the team by filling it with OSU players. But, Modell continually bypassed available talent for small college players. For example, Cleveland could have taken Jack Tatum, but instead selected Erich Barnes. I'm still steamed about that one.