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Comment 03 Jan 2018

2018: The year a Michigan blogger declared his livelihood as a "meaningless distraction on the way to the grave" and ridiculed his readers for caring. The year is off an amazing start.

Tbh, it's kind of sad, and sad for the OSU fanbase, too, when it happens.

It's a game. It's an important game, especially for the players. But it's probably not worthy of such an exalted position.

Comment 24 Nov 2017

The grass isn't always greener. Still the guy after him left to go to Oregon State. .....makes you wonder

IIRC, Bielema did throw some shade at the B1G when he left, but he also grew up on farm raising hogs in Illinois. There was a pretty natural fit for him at the time, and I think the athletic dept there was understandably interested in someone that understood the culture better—and that might have been less likely to fall off a motorcycle carrying his mistress. And he also had some successes at UW that probably made him somewhat more attractive at the time.

Andersen complained a bit about the academic standards that made recruiting Wisconsin hard—from some of the reporting it sounded like he felt like he had made good-faith recruiting offers to kids he had to let go. Going to Oregon State was also a bit of a family move for him. In the end, I don't know how well it panned out for him consider how atrocious other OSU has been (and, of course, that he's no longer coaching there).

Comment 16 Nov 2017

Also, Tressel ball hasn't aged that well. See MSU last week or Iowa any week they don't play us. 

I dunno...Oregon 2010 ran a run and gun. The wrinkle to Tresselball there was that somehow Dave started to dink-and-dunk. Our TOP in that game was absolutely ludicrous--something like 42 minutes?