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Comment 20 hours ago

SP+ made me feel worse. It basically says, if the entire season was played/simulated, and every team played every other team, on a glorious 129 week, two and half year run Ohio State would win the championship, ... In a vacuum, without the influence of ESPN/sports media politics, a probably corrupt playoff committee, and wayyy to much power given to a shitty SEC replay official.

Comment 20 hours ago

Please start a petition or a twitter movement or something! 

This is the main thing I dislike about Gene Smith’s tenure here, there are plenty of other things that bothered me, but this is the only one I still feel, and can not let go of. It crashes back into my brain whenever programs are being compared for all time greatness.

The winning percentage for 2010 was 0.9230. We are beating Michigan in all time winning percentage by more than we are getting credit for, and actually ahead of Boise State (a regional power in a weak region of the country)

How many all time wins does OSU have? Are the websites updated? Do the “12!!” wins from 2010 count in the total, or do I need to do math? 

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Hopefully 11W will have someone listening. If either one says something good about OHIO STATE or wonders aloud why the rules seem to be enforced differently than they were in our playoff game, then I’d like to read about it the next day.

It doesn’t move the needle from “f*ck that game! It’s bullsh*t that the Buckeyes aren’t playing!”, to “okay, I guess it’s all good now.”

Comment 09 Jan 2020

I recall hearing a rumor that he got physical with another coach.

He played football when it was a tough guy game, and is one of the greatest Buckeyes ever.

I know Day preaches toughness, but the program seems a bit softer now, which was refreshing for the team and allowed them to have fun and play loose.

In 5-6 years we may have a team made up of Day’s guys who need their tails kicked by a tough guy coach for a while, and I would be pretty excited if it worked out to be Vrable.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Would you? 

Not if you understand the value of money. 

I am ashamed to admit that I have never made a million dollars in a year, despite my OSU degree.

If anyone (even a shady Russian hit man drug dealer) offered me a million dollars to do something even a tenth as fun a playing football) I would’ve left school to do it. 

My major was architecture. If I sketched up a design for the new World Trade Center, won the contest, and was offered a 7 or 8 figure salary to join a firm before completing my degree, I and everyone else who didn’t grow up wealthy would have been a fool to say no.

Chris Ash made approximately 15 million dollars in his 3.3 years at Rutgers. He was a well respected defensive coordinator before taking the HC job in Jersey, and is now the DC at Texas.

I don’t even need an entire hand to count college football coordinator jobs better than @ UT Austin. He’s 15M richer than he was in 2015 and has landed in a spot that’s just as good if not better than was in before the Rutgers experience, the difference is he and his family are financially set.

And then, after two or three years making nearly a 1,000,000 a year at Texas, he will probably get a similar opportunity as a HC at another school. 

I should have been a football coach