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Comment 16 May 2019

Naming something is cool, but why the Jennings family? Jennings center would be plenty good.

And then the Kathleen and Chris Snyder thing? Ugh! Snyder facility gets the point across. 

I get the Joan Steinbrenner Band room, she went here, and had all the money, but the rest of this is fugin dumb. 

Last one I'll mention, but there are several more, is the Harmon Family Football Practice Fields at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center at the Les and whatever his wife's first name is Wexner Football Facility.

Value City Arena was bad and embarrassing, and it's only gotten worse. Family is not a proper name, and should not be a part of naming rights.

Do the wealthy really have that little authority in their marriage that they have to give their wives top billing on a building? 

Nice building though, that shall forever be called the wrestling center when I talk about it.

Comment 01 May 2019

Good thing he wasn't drafted by the Broncos. There is no way in hell Elway will ever let 7 go. Theisman is much cooler.

I've always had a hateful place in my heart for the Redskins, because Walter Payton's last game came in a playoff loss to them. He knew he was retiring and sat on the the bench for an hour weeping after the loss. 

Well, ... the Bears are one of only 5 NFL teams without a Buckeye. So what now?

Perhaps, if the Saints are able to trade for Dwayne in a year or two to replace Brees then I may just move to New Orleans, and suffer through the humidity.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

Yeah, if the globe warms, some coastal cities will be in the deep, but many lands that are too cold will be farmable. Humans thrive when the planet is warmer. Coastlines change, but there is so much useful land in Greenland, Canada, and Antarctica, that we as a species will be better off.

If you own property on a coast, you'll probably be pissed when your house is washed away. I weep for you, but hope I live long enough to see an actual functional city in Antarctica. 

I guess this is sort of boardering on a political post, may potentially hijack the thread, and I apologize if I violated the site rule, but I feel this is more scientific theory.

I'm in favor of scheduling at least one marquee out of conference game, one average out of region team, ( like North Carolina or Arizona State etc, and an in state cream puff to kick off the year.

Comment 03 Apr 2019

Love this analogy! Both are very satisfying in their own way.

The major difference to me is that when ttun is good, it makes them more of a regional recruiting threat. I want all the guys we want and it sucks to lose prospects to them.

I get more hyped up for THE GAME obv. when they come in highly ranked/favored, but for the long term health of the program, the recruiting lifeblood, I think it’s best for OSU for ttun to suck.

TLDR: UM sucking is; Worse for The Game, but better for the program.

Comment 18 Feb 2019

Noon makes it no better, noon adds nothing. Aesthetically speaking the 3:30 time slot give us some of The Game during the day, dusk, and night. 

You’re complaining about waiting around all day? For fuck sake? Be busy and have a life. No one is suggesting that you have to sit and do nothing while you wait. 

When I lived in Ohio, I preferred 3:30 kickoffs for all games. It’s even more important to me now that I’m in the West. 9am is a great time to start work, but I’m trying to be entertained on the weekend, and not wake up to an alarm.