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Comment 31 Oct 2019

LSU as a destination for top flight WR is a Joe Burrow grift. He's gone after this year and LSU is about to go into their natural 15 year norm of average or worse play from their QB's.

Comment 25 Oct 2019

When/If OSU decides to recognize the 2015 YAYB (you and your buddies) national championship and puts the sign up in the stadium I’ll happily show my support.

It won’t happen though because Ohio State only claims legitimate titles bestowed on them by reputable sources. Just like the 8 other natty’s.

Comment 25 Oct 2019

It's Ohio State who claims it. I didn't hang the sign in the Horeshoe and wasn't even alive during that season. Does the sign in the stadium upset you, or make you feel like a phony for supporting the team?

I get you though. I think we're on the same page, just reading from different directions..

You don't want to acknowledge a national championship because Texas (who also lost their bowl game after the season) claims one for the same year.

Split national championships were very common, in fact the very last year it was possible (1997) there was a split title. Are you suggesting that only unanimous national championships are legitimate?

I don't acknowledge the vacation of our 2010 wins and split B1G title. You don't acknowledge a national championship. We're keeping our heads in the sand for opposite reasons, you to deny glory to OSU, and me to deny shame.

Comment 25 Oct 2019

If you don't care, don't post. His daily exploits are more interesting to me, as a college football fan, than whatever game shows the moms of former OSU players appear on. 

I would watch a price is right episode with Tater.

Comment 23 Oct 2019

Michigan has a 5 billion dollar endowment. OSU’s is just over 1 billion. So they can actually afford to top any offer we make to a prospective player.

They can’t do anything about the terrible weather up north. I’ve heard we make recruits walk into a freezer when they visit just to illustrate how cold it gets in the mitten state.

We just chose to pay players sacks of cash directly and they choose to pay the coach. He then redistributes the cash based on the amount of oval wolverine stickers players earn.