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Comment 11 Sep 2018
I really enjoyed that,they seemed articulate and thorough while also being fair,kinda shocking coming from an SEC channel.Now if they would've picked TCU I would probably feel a little different,lol.But I honestly thought they did a good job,I like seeing fans of other teams and conferences giving a fair analysis of tOSU...
Comment 28 Aug 2018
If tOSU played in the ACC they would probably be at one hundred percent also,the Big Ten,especially the east is brutal..I think we win em all,but I've also thought that every year I can remember...
Comment 17 Jul 2018
got stuck in the student section,the usher wished me and my buddy good luck on the way in,kid grabbed my toboggan and that set it off before the first kick..even surrounded by thousands of idiots I wasn't taking that and it was on from there..needless to say it was a very long day and I will never return to that hole in the ground they call a stadium!!
Comment 14 Jul 2018
I only vaguely remember him but what a sad story,had a bright future ahead of can be taken at any time but you try to do your best with the time you have..RIP #49