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Comment 9 hours ago

Apparently posters want to talk about the confederate flag and the civil war.

Comment 9 hours ago

Read the thread, my initial post was placed under yours because both were in response to the same poster, it was not directed at you. I simply noted that the original poster was using this event to attack corps and Wall Street with ZERO knowledge of the internal employment structure of the company or even if it's even traded on Wall Street. This is not the place or time to argue economic systems. Not trying to hurt your feelings. 

"Corporate short cuts to satisfy wallstreet. Probably cut a position of one of guys doing all the inspections. And with "asset utilization" time restraints are so tight alot of stuff gets overlooked. Got one guy wearing 3 hats all over the place."

Comment 9 hours ago

Looks like the pilot, while young, had plenty of experience flying in these conditions though it does note that they may have gotten worse while flying. Not familiar with the area but they were talking about a 45 minute flight. Sometimes accidents just happen, this one appears have been avoidable.

Comment 11 hours ago

I go on a fly-in Canadian fishing trip every year and the pilots/operators are just crazy nuts about fog.  I've always thought that perhaps they could be just a bit more aggressive but now I think I'll just patiently wait for the last of the mist to clear and not use my internal voice to complain.

Comment 12 hours ago

St. Mary's Memorial has a 6'8" Frosh(Austin Parks) that is starting to come into his own and is a post player, had a couple dunks and 26 points his last game. Still growing, over 200lbs now and their coaching staff believes that he has D-1 potential. Haven't had a chance to watch him in person but he's getting some love. Did watch a few clips where is had a couple standing dunks.

Comment 13 hours ago

What is the symbol for the commonly traded stock related to this company since it's Wall Streets profiteers that are at fault. Please provide names of the maintenance/inspecting employees that were fired to increase corporate profit at this company. THIS IS ABOUT the recent helicopter crash that took the life of Kobe, his child and seven other persons.

Let's keep the social politicking about how evil corporations are until or unless you can show that this particular business is a public corporation and that it skimped on safety issues to increase it's corporate profits. Using these deaths to push an agenda is not acceptable, at least get the victims buried first.``

Comment 17 hours ago

Stop making shit up, I bet you don't even know what company owned the chopper, how many employees they have or "cut" that were performing inspections. It's just as likely to be pilot error or some weather problem. Hell, you don't even know if the company is publically traded.

Comment 26 Jan 2020

EMS, fire and police, et. al should be fined for passing information on before it's officially released. I wouldn't be surprised if there are phone photo's that get leaked before this is said and done. How many inaccurate stories got out before the truth?

Comment 26 Jan 2020

Another three weeks to allow your Frosh, especially those that need experience to develop for next season?

Comment 26 Jan 2020

Don't need to bring up the confederate flag or the civil war, too easy to become a political fight.

Comment 26 Jan 2020

It depends upon your management style, a head coach should be a manager that makes the final decisions but does not micromanage every stage of the game. Recruiting and running a program take a different set of skills and apparently coach Day has both. Urban damn near kills himself trying to micromanage every aspect of the program and that's not healthy for anyone.

And yes, I'm saying that the assistants could have run this program for a year and won 11-12 games, voting on every play. Day managed to win three when Urban was suspended without any problem.