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Comment 2 hours ago

I think our incoming super frosh OT is more likely to start next season if both OT's go Pro than Dawand. Playing emergency tackle against a beaten defense for a few snaps in the second half of a blowout does not mean much for next season. Certainly he could continue to lose weight, get stronger and challenge for the spot but it would be a tough row to hoe.

Comment 17 Oct 2019

If difficult to predict but the portal has been pretty good to the Bucks thus far, starting LG and QB for the loss of a couple second string QB's last season( I know, a WR and a few non factors as well). I would imagine that the Buckeyes would be a prime location for a graduate RB or someone wanting to put a year on tape for the Pro's. 

Sure, the top dozen college RB's are treasure but I think that there are a ton of plug and play RB's that would be just fine in this offense.

Comment 17 Oct 2019

Emergency QB to save a high school season but it doesn't enhance his college position, provide experience there and greatly increases the chance of injury. Going to take away a ton of work out time with tape study too. 

I do like it that the young man is willing to sacrifice for his friends and teammates though, not enough of that today.

Comment 17 Oct 2019

That's too bad, I guess they thought he  could rehab and not require surgery but made the wrong call. It's always a tough decision for the team and player but so often the rehab just doesn't work out and surgery from day two would have been the better option all around.

He came in so young and since he's not really NBA caliber perhaps he might consider the redshirt option and get to extend the best time in his life a bit longer.

Comment 16 Oct 2019

ODA has an area set aside on their complex East of Columbus for these wild animals. They take care of them until they find a wildlife sanctuary that will take the animals. Perhaps the law has changed but at one time a dead dog was worth the price that you paid for it, nothing for pain and suffering or the like. It was treated like a procession only and valued at that rate. With all the fake service animals and made up emotional support animals out there I'm sure the law has changed.