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Comment 18 hours ago

All they have to do is shut up and admit to nothing and the NCAA will do nothing. The NCAA only hammers programs that admit to wrongdoing.

Comment 12 Apr 2019

I always say--"people might listen to what you say, but they remember what you do." Could say "actions speak louder than words" as well. Lots of nice clichés we could throw in.

Comment 12 Apr 2019

A bit late--thanks for your service and hope retired life treats you well.

I retired from the AF after 25+ years. Would've joined the Navy (dad's best friend was a retired Chief and my borther in law is a retired Chief), but had a 1 year old. No ragrets! (lol)

I was lucky enough to get a job back with the Air Force, so the adjustment wasn't as hard for me. 

It always seemed the Navy got to go to much cooler locations. Served with a few Navy Chiefs--talk about some crazy dudes. Enjoy!

Comment 10 Apr 2019

Sanitarian2, I think your take is silly but did not DV you.

Wesson is a junior. He has one more year before he MUST leave. It is smart to find out from NBA folks what they perceive his strengths and weaknesses are. He has lots of tape they can review. He has played a lot of minutes. He can work on those strengths and weaknesses for next year. He has a possibility to play in the NBA someday.

Ahrens just finished his freshman year. He has virtually no tape to work from. If he played lots of minutes and was the team's number one scoring and rebounding option, it would be different. While it is true that anybody could declare for the draft to get some feedback, this just makes no sense.

That is why this is a bad take. Sounded more like a smart a$$ reaction. Just sayin...