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Comment 25 Mar 2019

1. That "non-call" was not nearly as controversial as the takedown. 

2. Once it's in, and there is control. It's a takedown. Obviously the Party is biased (as am I), but Wrestling Twitter generally is not. 

3. Fine line between counter-wrestling and stalling. Dake didn't tread that line too closely. Yiannis' reputation let him do so in the Finals.

4. OK?

5. If the takedown call was blown, the better wrestler didn't win. Pretty simple.

Comment 13 Mar 2019

I think I've read that Peppers had a better 2018, but Giants fans who are trying to keep positive are trying to tell me that Peppers is a "very good" starting safety. When did that happen? Or are they overly optimistic?

Comment 13 Mar 2019

First, I'm a Bengals fan. :(

Second, I'm inundated with Giants news at all times, and his teammates really like him. Even Eli likes him (of course over the past 4+ years Eli is literally the worst QB in the NFL when OBJ doesn't play, so there may be some bias there). 

The Giants have been terrible when OBJ has been hurt. They've been mediocre when he has played. I've never read a single negative comment (or rumor) coming out of the Giants locker room about him. He's not Baker Mayfield, but he's similar in that he works harder than everyone else and his teammates love him for it.

They REALLY liked that he finally exposed their terrible coaching and playcalling. That was no secret and he was the only one (other than Eli) with the pull to do so publicly. 

So no, he was not a locker room cancer. He's not TO. Making up otherwise is...

Comment 22 Feb 2019

Yianni is an absolute stud, but if McKenna can sneak past him here (and not lose to Lee at the B1G) it will put him on the other side of the bracket at NCAAs from Yianni and Lee. That would be a huge advantage.

Also, subscribe to ESPN+. It is the best streaming service. $5 a month for so much good stuff.

Comment 08 Feb 2019

I've never noticed Hall as being cocky or arrogant. While I find him frustrating to watch, he has always seemed like a good guy.

On the flip side of the coin, Nickals is the most fun wrestler in college to watch these days, but seeing him lose is a joy.