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I've seen the Eiffel Tower and the Roman Coliseum; I've toured Irish castles and African villages; I've walked the steps of Ukrainian monasteries and Guatemalan mountains, but I've never seen anything quite like Ohio Stadium.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002, 2015 National Championship game
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Comment 12 Aug 2019

Echo the sentiments of all those saying how disturbing this documentary was. The victim shaming was abhorrent. I'm guessing the radio guy wishes he could take back the things he said live on air.

Such a tragedy that those guys only got a year in jail. The law may not say the others were guilty, but they were complicit and have to lives their lives knowing that they laughed and joked while a girl got raped in front of them. Sick.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

This deal sours a bit each year. The first year you were guaranteed 1/3 of the season in lower bowl, 1/3 in mid bowl and 1/3 upper bowl. Last year I spent most of the season in the upper bowl and many of those in, literally, the top row.

It's hard to complain given the price, but when attendance is still hard to come by, don't stuff the people that actually buy tickets at the top.

And now they raise the price and give even less assurances. I'm sure nearly all of these will be away from the action. I'm unlikely to buy this year, sadly.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

I wonder how our exceptional WR recruiting on the back of last year's passing attack is influencing RB recruiting. We were in on every highly rated guy and they've all gone elsewhere. Is the impression that we're now throwing it all over the yard and carries will diminish?

I happen to think Dobbins is going to have a huge year now that defenses can't key on the RB like they did last year. Fields' running ability is going to open it all back up again.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

Considering Thomas is a 1st team all pro and setting NFL records, I'm not quite ready to go there just yet. But, he is definitely going to be is problem. Granted these are highlight videos, but he's wrecking dudes on the regular.