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Comment 05 Feb 2013

While not clearly evident from this video, XS is probably just about the furthest possible thing from a sausage party

Comment 04 Oct 2012

How about they get rid of the news completely and just have "Several moments with Jim Tressel". And it airs on all stations. TV and radio. And Pandora.

Comment 03 Jul 2012

I would suggest that by "keeping it classy" and not wearing jorts, you are devaluing the 4th of July. Its a celebration of America and independence, not some psuedo classiness preserved by not wearing jorts. Nothing announces ones American-ness, even demands its acknowledgement, like a pair of short jorts. Nothing says independence like a pair of thighs liberated from the tyrrany of khakis. On this 4th of July I exhort you; Unchain yourselves from the bounds Danny and the faux-fashionistas in their cargo shorts and tennis shoes have locked you in; throw off your topsiders and your button downs. Find a pair of jeans, use your teeth to bite the superfluous 25 inches off the bottom, put them on, and shotgun a sixpack of tallboys. For America. I'm going to PA to buy fireworks. Peace.

Comment 02 Jul 2012

I'm not sure how I feel about the NYE game times. Won't most people have work during the day and New Years celebrations in the evenings?

Comment 04 Jun 2012

Hey Brewster, I've noticed you talking about this subject a few times. Most everything I've read on the subject so far has been (paraphrase) "this dude played football and shot himself and when we studied his brain he had CTE". This is evidence that we need to study the problem more. It is also a long way from "settled' science. Do you have any links or recommendations on good studies/articles?

You may have listened already, but if not check out this Slate podcast around 24:20. It has some interesting ideas.

Comment 01 May 2012

Great Article! I had to read fast and there was a lot to digest, but a couple of thoughts.

Are craft brews generally higher in alcohol content then Budlight/coors light/whatever? What effects would this have on intoxication? Won't people still binge drink outside and then begin drinking beers with an alcohol content higher then they are accustomed to?

Evidence shows that doing so would provide greater control over alcohol consumption. The detractors to the idea of stadium beer sales are poorly informed to the benefits of unlocking and controlling the flow of suds to fans. And locally-manufactured craft beer at a stadium markup is hardly the optimal vehicle for binge drinking.

Doesn't evidence actually show that providing generic beers affords stadiums greater control over alcohol consumption?

How close of substitues are Craft brews inside a stadium and binge drinking outside of it? You could make the argument that serving craft brews would cut down much less on binge drinking outside the stadium (and sneaking booze in) then serving generic beers.

Establish quantitative metrics and tracking to gauge how successful the program is and if any uptick in adverse behavior can be tied to it.

This. My feelings--try it for a year. Better yet, start with the generic beers and try working some craft brews in.

Sorry the post is rushed (not actually sorry)


Comment 09 Apr 2012

Polesposition, you are fighting the good fight. I just don't think its obvious that a tournament is better. With a tournament we are as likely to get an unsatisfying Butler vs Uconn matchup as we are to get Kentucky vs Kansas (and we were better than Kansas anway, right?).  At the very least, with the BCS you have a 99.9% chance of having two of the three teams with the best 12 or 13 game season playing for the championship.


Comment 14 Mar 2012

Ok ok we get it Denny. At least as a fan-base we've learned from our mistakes and no one is going wild over recruiting anymore.

Comment 10 Feb 2012

Thanks Biggy, after a quick skim, here's my take-

Cutting players for being poor performance is wrong. Its also tough to find rock solid evidence of. Medical hardships happen. Academic failure happens. I suspect Academic failure may be more likely amongst players recruited by SEC schools, but I don't think you can say if that is a good or bad thing.

These articles dont bring much to the table. I get that its a competitive advantage, I just don't care--What is important (to me), is that the greatest number of scholarships are handed out every semester of every year, across all schools. Ohio State handing out 84 scholarships in a year is as much of crime to me as Alabama offering 86 and telling one person, who then signs with arkansas, no. The other victims, the LSU non-signees,  eventually ended up playing for...LSU. My point isn't that oversigning is great, I just don't think its black and white as many here seem to think. You could make a legitimate argument that all schools should oversign by 1, and inform that last man that he may not have a scholarship. I would be shocked if you couldn't find athletes to take that offer.

As for sophistry, I had the origin pegged at 1400-1450, so you got me there


Comment 10 Feb 2012

Alabama routinely loses multiple players. They have lost 21 players and counting since the end of '10. There was a kid who just last week was set to choose Bama at a signing ceremony at his school, only to have his scholarship offer yanked by Saban after a higher rated player surprisingly committed to them.

dude. That is sophistry.

Everyone routinely loses multiple players

21 players means nothing--please compare to the national rate of attrition in that time period

"there was a kid"-Really?

And for thought--Who is hurt more? A kid who gets 1 year on scholarship at alabama, and then has his scholarship taken away, or a kid who gets no years on scholarship at Ohio State even though Ohio state has room for three more?

Comment 09 Feb 2012

I think oversigning is a lot more of gray area then many here do. Saban helps more student athletes every year by always staying at 85 schollies then Tress (and my name is Saint Tressel) did by always being under the limit. That is a fact. The question is how many did he hurt? Whatever the answer is, we'll probably never have anything other than anecdotal evidence. But its not obvious to me that the practice is bad.

Comment 08 Feb 2012

Couple thoughts

Yes it's utter ignorance, which is not a crime

You are probably not a "normal" teenager. I'm guessing you are an above average teenager that associates with other above average teenagers

I fear for our posterity as well, but I doubt that as a group we are any less intelligent/more ignorant then we have ever been in the past

Comment 08 Feb 2012

On point, DJ.

I knew the article was a joke after "As a writer with no inherent bias towards any school in NCAA football, I was moved by the article several weeks back..."

Moved? Really?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say the percentage of high school athletes being absurd on twitter is about the exact same as the percentage of high school non-athletes being absurd on twitter. I suppose sitting at your computer looking up kids on twitter is easier then, like, actually thinking, writing, or forming a useful thought.

edit-actually knew the article was a joke after "Michigan football Exposed!"

Comment 19 Dec 2011

I'm guessing pleased to be getting a free ride to a pretty excellent university, with a football team that just went 10-2

Comment 13 Dec 2011

I think our defense aligns to the field, not the left or right. I also think Washington filling the leo spot is a bit of stretch, but we won't know that until september I suppose

Comment 08 Dec 2011

I haven't spent much time pondering this, but offhandedly I don't think home games in Wisconsin etc would necessarily promote a fair or just postseason system.

On another note, this 'southern teams come north' idea is expressed frequently by fans--I would be shocked if more then 10 players on Wisco's football team would prefer to play a december home game vs a neutral site game in a warmer climate. Football in bitter cold is miserable.

fwiw those would be really intriguing games to watch

Comment 07 Dec 2011

Sorry my delivery disappointed you, but I think the idea has merit-Think about it. While your at it, some reflection on the relativity of whats pointless, as well as the number of inane things you post around here, might be worthwhile

Comment 07 Dec 2011

So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, "He that is without douche among you, let him be the first to call her a Douche"

John 8:7 (King Douche Edition)

Comment 21 Nov 2011

While I would prefer more intriguing bowl matchups, I would watch both of those games. I thoroughly enjoyed the first LSU/Bama game. I would have preferred LSU vs Ok St and Alabama vs Boise as BCS games, but apparently the college football gods don't listen to me. Which may also explain why we lost to Penn State.

Just out of curiosity, is there something wrong with a team that doesn't win its conference winning the national championship?