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Born & raised in Calif but grew up a Woody Hayes Fan!! I bleed Scarlet & Gray in Calif.


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Comment 06 Jan 2019

I think Schiano stays 1 more year before finally leaving for a NFL coordinator/College HC position. Chris Ash has been given 1 more year at Rutgers, and in my opinion will be let go after that! Bingo....Ash back to Cbus as D coordinator!

Comment 02 Oct 2018

I like many others completely stay away from the open threads anymore because of all the negativity. Some posters comments actually take me away from the game because I found myself angry at such stupidity...and that is just unacceptable to me!! 

I love me some buckeye football and will continue to visit this site daily, although I rarely comment I do enjoy most content! Keep up the great work 11W and  THANK YOU to the OP for putting this out there for ppl like me who feel 100% the same as you!!!


Comment 12 Sep 2018

How about the dirty dozen....seems like a different receiver is catching 2 TD's every game... 

Comment 28 Aug 2018

Ummmm, how many yards did Jonathon Taylor have rushing against us last year??  What about 2014 when Wisconsin had a Heisman candidate in the many yards did he rush for??  Just Sayin, we hear this every year about Wiscy….

Comment 14 Mar 2018

Arizona, UNC, Nova, MSU. Carolina goes back to back for ole Roy with a win over Nova in the final! 

Comment 09 Jan 2018

If not for J.T. in 14 we wouldn’t of made the playoffs! J.T. had a freckin Heisman type season to put us in that position!  You can spin in anyway you want, would Cardale have won all the regular season games? I highly doubt it!!

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Agreed Byaaaahhh, lots of armchair coaches here tonight that obviously know much much more than UM & the coaching staff!  What I just don’t understand is why their not on staff & payroll!! Personally, I think it’s laughable that ppl base playing time on the spring game or against 3rd string defenses!  What they (& us) don’t see is the closed door practices or QB meeting rooms, beyond me what happens there...and even if I was privileged enough to be there, I (or them) still wouldn’t have the experience or knowledge to make the correct decision!  GO BUCKS

Comment 03 Dec 2017

I think what killed us was not dominating Wisky. The committee clearly did not respect Wisky or their schedule, Wisky only moved up the rankings by default! I think if we win big last night (as we clearly should have) we were in! The committee saw a OSU team that couldn’t hit deep passes and consistently shot themselves in the foot to stop drives!! We started  out 21-3 then forgot how to play championship football! 

Comment 19 Nov 2017

I don't think Auburn winning out spells doomsday for us!  If Auburn wins out that means Georgia will be a 2 loss team without a  conference championship. It also means Alabama will be a 1 loss team with no conference championship AND a WEAK schedule!!  I think the committee puts us in over both.  Clemson is the team that worries me most, even if they lose to Miami they have a strong schedule as a non conference champion, the committee will have to debate that and hopefully last years debacle in the dessert is a forgotten memory. If Clemson wins OSU is in....of course this is all based on the good guys winning out!!