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Comment 26 Jul 2016
- I don't dislike Jim Harbaugh at all, and I seriously doubt I ever will. The guy is hilarious and I wish more buckeye fans could appreciate him - Chris Jent needs to be coaching the basketball team - I don't care at all about where a recruit is from. I want the best players, and if that means we only get two or three guys from Ohio, so be it. - I fully embrace attrition and am for telling guys to look elsewhere if they aren't good enough. If they aren't going to see the field here, they should get a chance to play somewhere else. They should also be able to transfer without restrictions, and without a year wait. - Urban Meyer teams are infinitely more fun to follow than Tress teams were. His offense was offensive and his defenses had to cover our ass every game. Whenever the offense was good, it was because of one or two star players, save for the years they were in the championship. - Braxton Miller should have switched to wide receiver earlier - I wish we would wear more alternate uniform, and I want the gray striped ones from the CFP to be our permanent uniforms. - Our crowd is terrible - Penn State is never going to be a blue blood, neither is Michigan State - I love Miami - I want Texas and USC to be good again Whew. That was a lot. I'm gonna go throw ten Hail Mary's with JT Barrett in NCAA 14.
Comment 22 Jul 2016
I'm speaking more on the whole lack of leadership that Clark has shown through this. I'm definitely reading into it too much, but coaches definitely see things like this
Comment 22 Jul 2016
I like the kid, and he deserves better than riding the bench his whole career, but why does he not just go to some other school? He didn't develop the way everyone thought he would, but he's still a P5 level quarterback, just not here. I don't think Meyer was going to before, but this might force his hand on a grayshirt or telling DC to look elsewhere
Comment 06 Jul 2016

06-07 Florida championship, basketball edition. Would have been huge for Thad Matta and the whole program. Either that or the11-12 final four game against Kansas, would have loved to see Craft and Sully get a title.

Comment 14 Jun 2016
Hold on just a second. There's a kid named Zaquandre?
Comment 02 Jun 2016
Music, mostly hip hop and rap, from really any era. Basketball, coaching it, playing it, really just anything having to do with basketball. I still play NCAA 14 a ton, I'd consider that more of a hobby though. Writing about sports and life in general. Great article, Chris.
Comment 15 May 2016
QB: Martell and Clark RB: Dobbins and Akers WR: Grimes, Lindsey, DPJ TE: None OL: Myers, Moretti DL: Garrett, Cage, Young LB: White, Simmons DB: L. Wade, Williamson, Okudah, Pryor, Riep, JKP Special Teams: Haubeil Signing day Urban special: JKP 21 players Almost went Ellison over Akers because I think he's gonna blow up soon.