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Comment 18 Oct 2019

4 Conferences (Northeast,Southeast,Midwest,and West) unlimited amount of teams in the conference but must reside in that area to be in the conference.

Season= 10 conference games and 1 game against each of the other conferences. (A game against an FCS opponent eliminates a chance to play for a National Championship).

Each Conference has a conference championship game.

National Championship:

8 teams 

4 Conferences champions and 1 at large bid for every conference....this at large bid for each conference can be determined however the conferences agrees on e.g. AP poll, UPI, computer, or say a selection by conferences members ADs.

Comment 13 Oct 2019

So what....

Burrow was beaten out by JT when he was a rs fr and sophomore then beaten out by Haskins last year I don't see anything about that surprising. Burrow has done well for himself at LSU more power to him unless of course it's against OSU.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

This is why bad teams stay bad for so long.....draft a qb throw him to the wolves don't like how he does his first year draft another. Haskins is as good a prospect as anyone in the draft.....the Redskins (Snyder needs to hire a decent coach and let him handle it) need OL, help they need to draft them almost every draft spot they have plus draft Dobbins if they can...lol.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

1984 Texas 17
1946 Notre Dame 16
1953 USC 15
1945 Notre Dame 15
1975 USC 14
2004 Ohio State 14
1977 USC 13
1987 Penn State 13
1988 Oklahoma 13
1971 Ohio State 13
1975 Ohio State 13
1944 Notre Dame 13
1950 Minnesota 13
1944 USC 12
1974 UCLA 12
1982 Texas 12
1944 Texas 12
1981 Pittsburgh 12
2016 Ohio State 12
1954 Notre Dame 12
1950 Notre Dame 12
1975 Nebraska 12
1988 Miami (FL) 12
1952 Maryland 12
1976 Colorado 12

Comment 02 Oct 2019


Comment 01 Oct 2019

Negative US Army 

The NCAA's Board of Governors (formerly known as the Executive Committee) is the main body within the NCAA. This body elects the NCAA's President.[29]

The NCAA's legislative structure is broken down into cabinets and committees, consisting of various representatives of its member schools.[citation needed] These may be broken down further into sub-committees. The legislation is then passed on, which oversees all the cabinets and committees, and also includes representatives from the schools, such as athletic directors and faculty advisers.

he Board of Governors in case anyone is interested is comprised of :

Composition:  The Board of Governors shall consist of 25 members. The NCAA president and the chairs of the Division I Council and the Division II and Division III Management Councils shall be ex officio nonvoting members, except that the NCAA president is permitted to vote in the case of a tie among the voting members present and voting. The other 21 voting members shall include: (a) eight chancellors or presidents from the Division I Board of Directors from Football Bowl Subdivision institutions; (b) Two chancellors or presidents from the Division I Board of Directors from Football Championship Subdivision institutions; (c) two chancellors or presidents from the Division I Board of Directors from Division I subdivision institutions; (d) two Division II chancellors or presidents from the Division II Presidents Council; (e) two Division III chancellors or presidents from the Division III Presidents Council; and (f) five independent public members.

Liaisons:  Donald Remy, Jackie Campbell
Chair:  Michael V. Drake (Aug 2019 - Aug 2021)

In other words they are a body of university representatives who "govern" the universities who put them there in the first place....does anybody but me see a conflict of interest there.

Comment 29 Sep 2019

I remember now why I dislike Washington and Gruden...40% of you OL out...60 if you count the TE, no running game, and their best receiver (and college teammate) out and you play the rookie qb.

Comment 02 Sep 2019

Yes and no.... remember the read play is part of their base offense they need to practice it since this was basically a scrimmage for them after the first 28pts you tell Fields to read it but not to keep it.

Comment 01 Sep 2019

No he shouldn't have kept it on the zone reads after they were up 28pts.....unless of course you would like to see a different qb starting after his injury.

Comment 25 Aug 2019

These are some of his injuries:

Torn cartilage in 2 ribs
partially torn abdomen
a lacerated kidney that left him peeing blood
at least 1 concussion
a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder                                                                                                                                                           calf/ankle issue that led to this

I think he has more than earned the right to retire if he chooses.