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Comment 15 Sep 2019

You could say the front 14, because of the wave after wave they are able to run out there because of the talent in depth tOSU has... I can just see an opponents Offensive coordinator look up and have a sigh of relief because the predator out there, but next thing ya know tyreke smith is sacking the QB, or Tyler Friday, or J-J baptiste... very impressed with the multiple DLinemen and LBs we have able to play at a very high level

Comment 15 Sep 2019

100% agree... you can see that he has improved from last year, not making the same mistakes, not being as hand-sy... you can absolutely tell, with Hafley in charge, that he has benefited from another year at OSU... looking forward to seeing him going forward, and hope he keeps getting better... want Arnette to be great, he took a lot of heat last year so it’s good to see him playing well and maturing on the field... still love the SWAG he plays with, talking shit, getting in WRs faces’s

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Chase young just looks like a man amongst boys out there... he is a freak who can make things happen... really wanted for him to get that pick though hahahaha... and smith also looks like he is gonna mature into another incredible DE... hopefully cooper is having a speedy recovery because once we are st full health on that DL, just being able to field one wave of talented players after another on the DL we are really gonna wear teams down come the second half

Comment 06 Sep 2019

Love Joel klatt, love to watch the our buckeyes on FOX and he calls the games with Gus Johnson... I have no problems with what klatt said about my scarlet and gray... he is one analyst that I like and respect because of his non biased opinion (cough cough, all the fine sums of the world) I agree with all that Joel said and he is right the buckeyes have a lot of areas to improve upon... this week against cincy will be a huge test to see if this team can improve and put together 4 quarters worth of quality high skilled football that you, me, all of us know that the buckeyes are capable of... can’t wait till Saturday... but Joel, buddy, what’s up with the ranking? Behind the TTUN and Texas? 

Comment 06 Sep 2019

Browning is definitely a guy we need this year... he looked really good against FAU... hopefully 2019 is the year where he puts it all together and becomes a big contributor on D... especially at a position that caught a lot of scrutiny this past offseason... looking forward to see if more of the coach Washington magic continues to rub off on baron and that he continues to vye for snaps... you got to figure he is one of the more athletic guys in the LB group, and with the defensive scheme changing and playing fast, you would want a guy like browning with his talent and potential out there in my eyes

Comment 23 Aug 2019

Plus, look at the QBs we have coming in as well... fields for at least 2 years, miller for at least 3, then McCord for at least 3... and with our own QB guru as the head coach, plus buckeye nation knows Hartline is going to continue to crush the recruiting trail for top wide outs (and is content in doing so, doesn’t want to leave) and i think that will help recruiting RBs, because, with the constant threat to air it out, what opens up? The run game!!!!

Comment 23 Aug 2019

Don’t forget about the Gatorade player of the year from the state of Florida Marcus Crowley... from everything that I’ve read, he is having a really good fall camp and could be pushing for those back up snaps

Comment 23 Aug 2019

Not only that, also with coach Hartline and the recruiting of the WRs picking up, and having a head coach that is more prone to throwing the ball...if other coaches want to say that in their “negative recruiting pitch” what can you do...  it’s recruiting though... we are not going to land every RB on the coach’s board, but I’m sure new recruits pop up every year, different strategies and contingency plans are probably constantly installed for situations like this... I trust in coach day as well as coach Alford and mark pantoni to go out and find a RB who A) wants to come to tOSU B) fits the programs needs C) isn’t distracted by the outside noise and is committed to the school/team and what it has to offer

Comment 22 Aug 2019

I agree and I like the formula that they have kind of stuck with over the past 15 years or so... I always thought a good OOC schedule consisted of a top tier P5 team, a mid to lower P5 team, and an ok G5 team, ABSOLUTELY NO FCS teams... you would just hope that the CFP committee would look at something like this and make it a mandated scheduling criteria across the FBS

Comment 21 Aug 2019

Huge buckeye fan so never miss a play and the MRS. knows this, but I’m a huge college football fan as well  so yeah, my ass is parked in front of the TV from 12 to 12 on Saturdays

Comment 20 Aug 2019

It’s good to hear coach day talking about keeping the offense the same... there is no doubt in my mind that he, along with coach yurcich and coach Wilson, will do everything necessary to set up Justin to have success within the programs offense... I’m so excited to finally see this kid, and like people are saying he doesn’t have to try to win games himself, with the amount of talent he is surrounded by he can distribute the rock all over the field

Comment 19 Aug 2019

I’m right there with ya man... who do you believe because one report says the kid is the real deal and the next says he is struggling... I’m thinking it’s more of the first thing with a little bit of of the second (only because he is new, talent is there) but yeah it is a huge question mark when it comes to Me. fields I’m just pumped to see him get after it AUG 31st