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Comment 02 Jun 2019

Not a chance.  The QB is Ryan Day's specialty and he knows what he wants and will elevate them to a new level.  I truly believe Day is the sole reason Haskins had the season he had.  Urban is a legend, but I don't believe he was as good at evaluating and honing NFL caliber QBs as Day is and I think we will see the Haskins type trend continue.

Comment 20 Dec 2017

who the staff wanted and now the staff doesn't think is good enough to play

With all due respect I think you are making an assumption here.  The only reason Haskins got a shot is because Burrow was hurt.  He is in no way the automatic starter next year.  Also, Burrow was a 4 star from Ohio so I think it would be a good thing if Baldwin reminds you of him.  Baldwin's tape is impressive and we haven't even seen what Burrow can do yet.  Keep in mind this is the rival school to the one Baker Mayfield came from so you can see the talent coming from there.  As much as I can't stand Mayfield himself, there is no arguing with someone who is walk-on putting up the numbers to win the Heisman. 

Comment 10 Oct 2017

I'd also agree that I was baffled the call was confirmed by video replay and I'd also say I couldn't believe how quickly they came back and stated the call was confirmed by video replay.  It was almost quick enough to make me think they didn't even watch the video.  Either way there is no sense in UFM bashing the refs or getting upset.  There is no way to take back the punishment or give Ward a game back so we may as well move on and keep playing just as hard as he was when he made that play.  Who knows, maybe he'll have two extra games after the Big Ten Championship to make up for lost time!

Comment 25 Sep 2017

Keep in mind they pulled many of the starters after the second quarter.  The game would have been managed much differently if they were worried about pounding them by a larger margin.  The drop in the AP doesn't mean anything anyway.  If we beat PSU and _ichigan we'll go to the Big Ten championship and have a shot at the playoffs.  Lose to either of those two teams and the playoffs is out and possibly the Big Ten championship.

Comment 11 Sep 2017

I think we may have had someone like this on the team before.  Cardale Jones anyone? I realize Cardale was on the team and this is just a high school kid who is going to make mistakes at 18 years old, but as long as he doesn't make any more mistakes like this and shows up ready to work with a good attitude in Cbus he may end up maturing into a great recruit like Cardale.

Comment 07 Sep 2017

I had a lot of respect for Tom Herman, but that just went out the window after reading his comments and blaming his players.  As someone already mentioned he can't have it both ways.  Either he worked his magic in Houston and failed in Texas, or Houston's Cinderella season had nothing to do with him and neither did this latest loss in Texas.

Comment 30 Aug 2017

I mean seriously!? Can it be game day already!?  It needs to be based on the nit picking going on of one of the most stacked rosters in entire country, with one of the most stacked coaching staffs, led by THE best coach in the country.

Comment 28 Aug 2017

I'm not sure I understand all of the frustration here with the ORs and ANDs in the depth chart.  Seems like the issue is more than likely too many elite talents to keep them off the field rather than no one is good enough to be a clear cut starter.

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Nice to see Antonio Williams getting some kudos from UM after seeing stuff like this about him complaining in the spring.