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Comment 07 Dec 2019

Undergrad from Wisconsin in Engineering Mechanics (called engineering physics major in most programs).  MBA from an Ivy league school - I won't say which one.  Now, you, on the other hand -- just assuming you fit in the Gaussian distribution of ohio state fans, I would say you either don't have a degree or it's from something like Columbus Community College??   ha ha ha, have fun watching your beloved "Bucks" tonight.  I feel sorry for you guys -- for most of you this is all you have in life.  buh bye   ha ha  ha

While you are watching the CFPs in your Ohio State jersey I will be doing some fly fishing in the carribean.  

Comment 07 Dec 2019

Yes, I did read them.  


Glad you asked. If you have a great comment, expect to earn helmet stickers. If you say something dumb, expect to lose stickers."

Obviously, since I didn't predict an Ohio St victory, it is dumb.  Hence the negative helmet stickers.

Whatever, I'm out of here.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

By the way, it's my first time visiting this forum.  I find the use of these helmet stickers absolutely hilarious.  My last comment already has 3 'negative helmet stickers'.  what, a few more, and I get kicked off the site for 24 hours??  Come on you guys, really?  Ever hear of the Diversity and Inclusion movement in America??

Comment 07 Dec 2019

Close your eyes...go back in time to February 22, 1980...and hear the wonderful voice of Al Michaels once again....DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES??  YES!!!

Wisconsin comes away with the unbelievable upset. 

I'll be one of the 5% of the crowd at the game -- see you there.


Comment 05 Dec 2019

Nope, not even close.  After the game, Fields said "we would have put up 50 on them if the weather was better".  That has not been forgotten by the Wisconsin defense nor Jim Leonhard, the D coordinator.  They are going to hit that dude all day.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Key on Dobbins, force Day to have to put his QB at risk.  Then make Day pay for taking that risk -- every motherf**g play.  ALL DAY! Until that backup QB comes in.  You may win by 4 TDs but your team will not come away unscathed.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Damn, when you put it that way, how the hell did they make it through all that adversity? Incredible!

**eye roll**


The team with 1 5 star and 8 4 stars on their roster.  Ohio St with 13 5 stars and 47 4-stars

Keep it within 3 scores and we go to Pasadena baby!!!

Comment 05 Dec 2019

JK must be so angry right now.  He was robbed, I bet he's working out even harder now, maybe getting his squat up from 700 lbs to 800 lbs -- he's just going to murder Wisconsin now.  **eye roll**

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Just voted for Jonathan Taylor.  Thanks for the link, didn't know about it!

On Wisconsin!!

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Yeah, maybe JK is so good that if he ran behind the Wisconsin offensive line in a 1-dimensional offense, he would shred that vaunted Ohio State defense for at least 150 yards. (bosa shrug)

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I hope you are the Buckeye fan I’m sitting next to in Lucas. You sound intelligent and reasonable

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Ok, not trying to troll AT ALL here but genuinely interested in OSU fans’ perspective on the Adam Sasser (baseball player Georgia) racist comments he made in the stands at a football game. I mean, that was the foundation for the hardship case that Fields’ attorney used to get a waiver from the NCAA.  If that doesn’t happen, who is playing QB this year?  I’ve read that Fields and Sasser cleared the air after the NCAA ruling.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

It’s almost as if you guys think Jonathan Taylor selected himself. Chill out.  And he’s no fool - he’s actually a very cerebral young man that seriously contemplated attending Harvard to study Astrophysics.  Also extremely humble.  JK and JT are amazing backs - we should be grateful we had the opportunity to watch them both. 

Comment 02 Dec 2019

Gobucks, exactly.  

Classic example -- Zach Baun, the Wisconsin OLB and Butkus Award finalist, played Quarterback in High School and really wasn't recruited.  He is a 5th year senior and put on 25 lbs of good weight since coming into the program.

Comment 02 Dec 2019

Not 'content to win the west' but that's their natural ceiling.  They have won 10 games or more 4 of the last 5 years without much talent, at least in terms of the popular recruiting rankings.  Comparing the two 85-man rosters per 247 composite ratings:

Ohio State has 13 5-stars and 47 4-stars.  By stark contrast, Wisconsin has 1 5-star (a freshman that hasn't played a down) and 8 4-stars.  It is what it is -- the entire state of Wisconsin produces about 10 kids per year that play D-1 football.  I think Ohio and Pennsylvania produce about 50 or 60 D1 players per year.  That being said, in 5 trips to the Big Championship game, they have come away with 2 victories and were 1 possession away on 2 of the 3 losses.  Only the 59-0 debacle did they look like they didn't belong on the field.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

Badger fan that lives in Indy here.  I would be shocked if Ohio State scores less than 50 and I don't see Wisconsin scoring more than a couple of TDs, with one of them probably in garbage time.  Also, I've been to all 5 Wisconsin games in Lucas Oil -- and I'm heavily leaning towards not going this year.  I would expect 75/25 or 80/20 fan split in favor of OSU - just like the Penn State game was in 2016.  

This may be the most talented college football team in the last 25 years - it will be interesting to see the number of NFL picks from this team in the next 3 drafts.

Have fun in Indy for those making the trip! On Wisconsin!

Comment 01 Dec 2019

I live in Indy and am a Badger fan.  I've gone to all 5 previous Wisconsin games in Lucas Oil -- I can tell you the demand for tickets from the Wisconsin fan base will be rather low.  I would wait until Friday or Saturday and buy tickets off of Stub Hub.  There are a ton of Craigslist scams -- a ton -- I would stay away from them.  The recommendation to stay in the burbs and Uber is a good one.  Head to a restaurant within walking distance of Lucas Oil and eat at the bar (Harry and Izzy's, St Elmos, Oceanaire, Spoke & Steele are a few good ones).

Have fun!  I'm hoping the Badgers stay within 2 scores so they can go to the Rose Bowl.  If they get  curb stomped, Penn State is heading to Pasadena.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

Does anyone know the details of the hardship waiver he was able to get?  I heard baseball players at U of Georgia said racial slurs to him so he said he was worried about his safety?  Anyone have the details?  Isn't his sister attending U of Georgia?  Is she leaving too?

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Here's some perspective.

Wisconsin does not accept an NCAA minimum qualifier, which has posed additional recruiting challenges.  

Hey, the bottom line, just look at the number of 4 and 5 star recruits Ohio St vs Wisconsin over the last 10 years.  (look at Nathan Baird's article from  In 2017 alone, Ohio State had 5 5-stars and 14 4-stars.  Wisconsin had 0 5-stars and 2 4-stars.  

Only 2 teams in the Big are in the same zip code with OSU in regards to recruiting - Michigan and Penn State.  

Wisconsin is the best program in the country for maximizing the return on recruiting - they get the best with the talent they can get. (Michigan is one, if not, the worst).

Comment 27 Oct 2019

So, just want to get this straight.  The poster is a loser because the team that he likes and follows lost, and he is frustrated in the reaction of his fellow fans? 

What do you do for a living?  What have you contributed to society?